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Element Six pits polycrystalline diamond against tungsten carbide at Bauma 2019

Element Six is showcasing a live wear test using a grinding machine at the Bauma exhibition in Munich, this week.

The leader in supermaterials, and part of the De Beers Group, says this will demonstrate the difference in wear rate between polycrystalline diamond (PCD) and tungsten carbide, to showcase the extreme properties of synthetic diamond and the areas in which it can outperform tungsten carbide.

“The test will highlight the potential of PCD as a material to enhance the performance of tools and machines in the construction and mining industries,” the company said.

“The findings from the test will echo Bauma’s own key messages this year around efficiency and sustainability, by proving the ability to significantly improve the performance and safety of machinery.

“Synthetic diamond tools can exceed standard tungsten carbide tool life by 40 times for applications such as road milling, reducing downtime, fuel consumption and machining time, while improving quality and surface finish,” Element Six said.

Speaking at Bauma, Markus Bening, Global Sales Director, Road, Mining & Wear Parts at Element Six, said: “Based on our experience developing synthetic diamond tools for road milling and roof bolting applications, we see huge opportunities for original equipment manufacturers and toolmakers in construction and mining.

“Feedback from end-users in Sweden, where synthetic diamond is today’s standard for road milling jobs, has consistently shown that the benefits can be game-changing in terms of increased machining speeds and productivity.”

He added: “As companies look to embrace forward-thinking concepts like smart drilling and smart mining, longer-lasting tools are at the forefront of their minds. At our booth, we’ll be demonstrating how synthetic diamond and tungsten carbide tools can deliver incredible results in industries seeking the best performance.”

The Element Six booth is located in Hall C3, Booth 536.