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Di-Corp looks to make inroads in West Africa exploration market with new rep

Di-Corp, a Canada-based manufacturer and distributor of down-hole consumables for the mineral exploration industry, has announced a dedicated West Africa sales representative located in Accra, Ghana.

The Di-Corp Accra representative will support existing and new customers in the region by providing an in-region contact who can coordinate the delivery of high-quality drill rod, diamond tooling, core retrieval equipment, and drilling fluids, the company said.

“As mineral exploration increases across the region, mine operators and drilling companies are looking for every opportunity to improve the efficiency and productivity of their core drilling operations,” Di-Corp’s West Africa Sales Manager, Robert LaFontaine (pictured), said. “Drillers Edge drill rod by Di-Corp has been gaining a global reputation for quality, resilience and longer drill string life even under the most difficult conditions. In fact, all our products are quality assured and field tested for performance.

“As companies look to replace mineral production with new sources of key metals, we’re here to help address the growing demand for drilling supplies.”

While establishing the company’s presence in Accra, LaFontaine will be backed by a remote team that includes technical salespeople, drilling experts, engineers and drilling fluids program specialists.

Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Di-Corp has manufacturing, distribution and service locations in four Canadian provinces, the US, Mexico and now Ghana. Di-Corp also has an international supply chain, plus a total of nine international distributors serving South America, Europe and Central Asia, the Middle East, and Australia.