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DMT devises four-step toolbox to help small- and medium-sized miners go digital

DMT GROUP, the global engineering and consultancy group, is launching a new Digital Transformation Office (DTO) to, it says, strengthen its support for small- and medium-sized mining businesses needing to introduce digitalisation across their people, operations, processes and sustainability obligations.

According to BCG’s Digital Acceleration Index, the metals and mining sector is around 30-40% less digitally mature than comparable industries – such as automotive or chemical. SME mining companies are increasingly required to meet the same compliance obligations around health and safety, ESG and operational inefficiencies as more financially secure mining majors, the accurate reporting of which is reliant on digital tools.

To bridge this ‘digital divide’, DMT is expanding its digital portfolio of consultancy and engineering services. From owners to operators and investors, DMT says it will support SME clients to design or implement a digital transformation roadmap, from exploration and operational phases, up to mine closure, rehabilitation and subsequent site use.

The company said: “Digitalisation is leading to meaningful operational improvements across the mining sector, and enabling companies to maintain resilience amid new challenges and secure future competitiveness. DMT will provide full-service support through a four-step toolbox: digital readiness assessment, roadmap creation, digital process engineering and implementation supervision.”

The four-step strategy provides a comprehensive analysis of a customer’s digital capabilities and priorities, and outlines a clear roadmap for implementation so that they can drive transparency and efficiency across their operations, reduce costs, and ultimately improve their operations, according to the company.

Vassilis Roubos, Head of DMT GROUP Consulting Services, said: “COVID-19 has accelerated digitalisation and automation across a number of sectors. Mining is well poised to benefit from greater use of digital tools, as an industry which demands improved productivity, sustainability, competitiveness, transparency and safety. Digital mining will continue to evolve through tools, methodology and knowledge over the next 10 years, but the changes we are already seeing in digitalisation, automation and technology are making the scope of our role more complex and more dynamic. We are excited to be further extending our mining capabilities in line with the changing demands of our clients, and are pleased to now assume the role as our clients’ digital transformation office.”

DMT will support either as the consultant for use case specific tasks or as a companion alongside the entire digital transformation journey, customising bespoke packages of third-party solutions for clients technology shifts, it explained. Alternatively, DMT can provide its services to meet any specifics the client may need.