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Ma’aden receives DNV accreditation for low-carbon ammonia

Saudi Arabian Mining Company (Ma’aden) has been certified by the international assessor DNV as having produced 614,000 t of ultra low carbon ammonia, representing the largest quantity accredited in the world to date, it claims.

This is a significant step forward in Ma’aden’s plans to grow and transform its business to become an ESG role model in the Kingdom, the company said.

This accreditation highlights Ma’aden’s commitment to operational excellence and increasing its portfolio of premium products as the company positions itself in key global markets at the same time as driving the decarbonisation of supply chains across the fertiliser industry and supporting sustainable food production.

Ma’aden says there is significant potential for it to consolidate its presence as a leading producer of ultra low carbon ammonia. This follows Ma’aden’s ambitious program to ship over 138,000 t of “blue ammonia” to major global markets, including the European Union and China, signalling the company’s growing activity in global value chains.

Robert Wilt, CEO, Ma’aden, said: “We are now at the forefront of supplying the world with a lower carbon fuel source that has potential to support the global energy transition. It’s great to see our plans for growth and transformation not only being realised and putting Ma’aden on a sustainable path for the future, but also having the potential to help drive Saudi Arabia’s green ambitions.”

Geir Fuglerud, CEO of DNV SCPA, said: “This accomplishment stands as a testament to Ma’aden’s dedication to environmental stewardship and its commitment to a sustainable future. This achievement not only aligns with global sustainable developments goals but also demonstrates Ma’aden’s industry leadership position in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”