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Devico improves drilling productivity with new DeviGyro surveying tool

Devico AS, a leader in directional drilling innovations and manufacturer of drill hole positioning instruments, has released what it says is the shortest overshot surveying system on the market.

The latest DeviGyro system, the Overshot Xpress (The OX for short), is powered by the DeviGyro, a high-speed miniature and continuous gyroscopic surveying instrument.

With the OX, surveys can be performed while retrieving the core tube and, as such, minimise the impact surveying typically has on drilling productivity.

An important aspect of the OX is its short length and light weight. This compact design makes handling safer and easier, particularly underground or in other environments where space is restricted, Devico says.

It is supplied with the DeviCounter for precise depth control and an Android device for operation and processing. The data may be directly uploaded to the DeviCloud for further processing and private sharing within the user group, the company says.

Geoff Muir, Managing Director of drilling contractor Australian Underground Drilling (AUD), said the OX technology is “fantastic”.

“[It provides] comprehensive surveying without interrupting the drilling process, driving overall production up and the cost per meter down for our clients,” he said.

The Overshot Xpress provides data on drill hole sizes NWL, HWL, PWL at speeds up to 100 m/min, according to Devico. It is 1.2 m long and can be used underground or on surface. Surveys can be carried out up-hole, down-hole, horizontal and vertical, Devico adds.