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Komatsu goes hoseless with ZJ32Bi battery-electric jumbo

Komatsu has introduced a new underground hard-rock drilling machine with several advanced features, including hoseless booms, at MINExpo 2021 in Las Vegas, this week.

The ZJ32Bi is a battery-electric, medium-class jumbo built on a common platform for increased user adoption and efficient training, the company says. The new machine offers a standard reduced hose configuration – only six per boom – with a hoseless option. At the event, Komatsu is showcasing the new jumbo with two booms and zero hoses.

The hoseless boom completes all fluid and communication transfer inside of the boom cylinder, offering a potential game-changer in terms of automation and productivity, according to the company. A hoseless boom also eliminates the need to account for hoses in automation algorithms and eliminates wear between the inner and outer boom tubes for improved drilling accuracy over time.

Because of the common platform of the ZJ32Bi, it essentially becomes a multifunction drilling machine, Komatsu says.

Other key features of the ZJ32Bi include:

  • An intelligent control system that allows for semiautonomous functionality or operator augmentation;
  • A modular battery-electric driveline with up to 130 kW (65 kW base) of on-board energy for the demanding tram cycles and rigorous hard-rock mining;
  • A newly designed fully enclosed operator cabin with advanced noise reduction, operator ergonomics, double-curved glass with a focus on air cleanliness; and
  • Lightweight, durable feeds in fixed and double telescopic versions, featuring cast polyurethane components to reduce weight and help improve longevity.