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Kovatera secures first battery-electric vehicle sale to Drivetrain Australia

Kovatera has announced the sale of its first battery-electric vehicle to Drivetrain Australia, its authorised dealer in Australia.

Drivetrain has purchased a Kovatera KT 200e, the electrified version of the diesel-powered KT 200.

The vehicle is destined for a key mining customer in Australia not satisfied with the battery-electric vehicle offering available on the local market, according to Kovatera. The KT 200e provides a “fit for purpose” underground hard-rock-mining-ready vehicle different to the electrified on-highway vehicles available locally to the customer, it added.

Upon release of the KT 200e last year, Kovatera said the vehicle “outperforms the competition in all categories”.

The vehicle is fitted, as standard, with a 44 kWh battery, but, if a longer range is required, the company offers a battery upgrade that doubles the range to 50-90 km between charges.