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BossTek ups the dust suppression ante with new compact DustBoss DB-10 unit

BossTek has introduced a new model to its atomised mist cannon range that suppresses indoor particulate emissions for industries such as raw material handling

The compact DustBoss® DB-10 is engineered for enclosed working environments, with the manoeuvrable unit providing excellent suppression in a compact, portable design, the company says. The outcome is effective airborne particle control with fewer emissions, less standing water and a safer, more compliant workplace.

“Our customers are well-acquainted with our technology, but before the DB-10, the smallest machine could nearly cover a football field, which is far too powerful for most indoor applications,” Mike Lewis, Dust Control Specialist at BossTek, says. “Our first customer to use the DB-10 was a demolition contractor removing dusty drywall, plaster and tile containing potentially hazardous materials. These all produce highly regulated dust emissions. We worked with them to create a unit best suited to their needs and the DB-10 was born. They are extremely happy with the outcome.”

The compact mist cannon is mounted on two wheels with a tall handle. A 0.75 horsepower (0.56 kW) fan delivers 3,335 cubic feet per minute (5,666 cu.m/h) of airflow, powered by 120 V current. Mounted on the front of the cannon is a circular manifold with 12 atomising nozzles that fracture pressurised water into a fine mist. The fan forces air through the barrel then pushes millions of tiny droplets in a cone-shaped pattern up to 10 m. Using the 0-50º vertical adjustment, the mist can reach into far expanses or be directed at specific emission zones. It is offered with a standard wheeled carriage but can be specified with alternate mounting as needed.

One driver of the new design is the fact that hoses create droplets up to 100 times larger than atomised mist, far too large to capture airborne particulates. They can use up to 100 gallons per minute (379 litres per minute) of water, causing excessive standing water and runoff, a potential hazard. The DB-10 addresses all these issues.

The DB-10 produces droplet sizes of 50-95 microns in size, roughly the same as the cross-section of a single human hair. This is important because regulators test for respirable dust 10 microns or less. The slipstream created by droplets greater than 200 microns in size can deflect tiny respirable dust particles, rather than absorbing them. That’s why hoses are generally not effective against airborne dust.

Using less than a quarter of the water volume of a handheld 25.4 mm hose, the DB-10 fills the area with a dust-trapping mist that stops particulates from remaining airborne or migrating away from the area, according to the company. The wide area of distribution and gentle settling reduces the chance of pooling and runoff.

DustBoss misting cannons help curb COVID-19 spread at mine sites

BossTek’s DustBoss® line of industrial misting cannons are coming to the rescue of mines and material processing facilities looking to protect workers from the COVID-19 virus, the company says.

Originally designed for large-area dust control, this atomised mist technology is currently being used for the safe and consistent distribution of surface disinfectant cleaners (SDCs) over worksites, busy foot traffic areas and communal spaces.

Mike Lewis, VP of Sales at BossTek, said: “The challenge is protecting workers and the public in outdoor spaces by the most effective means possible, using technology that requires the least amount of human contact.

“Sending crews of people out on a regular basis to clean publicly-accessed surfaces is inefficient, costly and exposes the workers to potential contamination. Studies have shown that the distribution of SDCs evenly across surfaces can effectively reduce the presence of viral and bacterial microbes to mitigate the spread of disease. Atomised mist has proven to be a very effective distribution method.”

Lewis said the company has also supplied equipment for large operations such as mines and material processing facilities that are sanitising work surfaces before employees return to work.

Atomised mist technology disperses millions of tiny treated water droplets over a wide area to achieve effective coverage.

The heavy-duty, barrel-shaped DustBoss cannons force water through a circular brass manifold fitted with atomising spray nozzles that fracture the water into tiny droplets of 15 to 200 microns in size. The mid-sized model has a reach of up to 60 m. Using a powerful 25 HP fan that produces 849.5 cu.m/min of airflow, the droplets are propelled outward in a cone-shaped pattern. With the adjustable 0-50° angle and 359° oscillation settings, the largest model in the fleet can cover up to 31,000 sq.m, the company says.

The atomised misting cannons can be mounted on water trucks or specified in the company’s Fusion configuration – which includes a trailer-mounted cannon and genset – an effective delivery system for large-scale disinfecting work that’s portable by a pickup truck, BossTek says.

“People want to work and play in the safest environment possible and this technology can help,” Lewis said. “According to some experts, these types of outbreaks may be more frequent in the future. Having a mechanism for large-area disinfection in place that is easily dispatched to vulnerable areas to quickly stem the tide of infection from surface-borne microbes is a smart move for both public and private entities.”

BossTek powers up with Tier IV Final DustBoss DB-60 Fusion

BossTek has updated its family of self-powered dust suppression equipment with Tier IV Final-compliant power generators, ensuring compliance in all 50 US states, it says.

A global innovator in dust and odour control technology, the company made the announcement with the debut of the new DustBoss® DB-60 Fusion™, a suppression system driven by a 25 hp (18.6 kW) electric motor paired with a heavy-duty four-cycle indirect injection diesel engine gen set.

Designed, engineered and assembled in the US, the generator features a dual-containment fuel cell, heavy gauge lockable enclosure and oversized brushless alternator for easy starting, according to the company.

The company’s Fusion lineup, which is permanently mounted on a rugged trailer, is proving to be a popular and effective means of delivering versatile, mobile dust suppression technology to sites that lack a readily available power source, BossTek says. “The company expects to unveil two other Fusion models in early 2019, giving customers the ability to select the size and coverage range needed to best suit their operations,” the company added.

“The new generator series is designed with sound attenuation for excellent noise reduction and a multi-voltage switch with utility power outlet in all voltage modes. The digital engine/generator controller is equipped with single button stop/start and an 80 gallon (364 litres) fuel capacity, giving the units a run time of more than 24 hours at a prime rating of 45 kVa.

“Like its previous Fusion systems, BossTek warrantees the DB-60 Fusion for three years/3,000 h, with five-year/5,000 h coverage on the electric motor and a two-year/2,000 h warranty on the generator.”

The DB-60 Fusion drives pressurised water through a circular stainless steel manifold with 30 atomising spray nozzles, then launches millions of tiny droplets with a powerful fan that produces 30,000 ft³/min (849.50 m³/min) of air flow. Atomised mist droplets of 50 to 200 microns in size are thrown out in a 200 ft (60 m) cone at an adjustable 0 to 50° elevation angle, capturing airborne dust particles and dragging them to the ground.

Unlike industrial sprinklers used for the same purpose, which can require hundreds of gallons of water per minute, the DB-60 only uses about 23 gallons per minute (87 litres per minute) to help avoid pooling or runoff.

“A touch screen panel for controlling the dust suppression unit is encased in a NEMA 3R cabinet, allowing operators to control oscillation, booster pump, fan and water,” BossTek says. “The cabinet is constructed for outdoor use, designed to provide protection against solid foreign objects (such as dirt), air (dust, emissions), water (rain, sleet, snow) and ice formation. The system is able to provide up to 5,834 m² of coverage.

BossTek Project Engineer Jason Lesch said: “Maintaining air quality is essential for communities near a demolition project, mining operation or other bulk material handling activities, but even in places with little infrastructure, dust can choke worksites and foul equipment. We engineered the Fusion to be highly mobile, with its own power source, so it can be easily towed anywhere on a job site.”

Equipped with an in-line 75 mesh, 200 micron filter, the unit can be specified with special filtration to accommodate non-potable water sources. In addition, the new design can be optimised with a variable frequency drive to precisely adjust fan speed. An optional dosing pump is available for precise metering of additives to enhance particle control even further.