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ABB, Boliden target low carbon footprint copper for EMS equipment, electric motors

ABB says it is working with Boliden to build a strategic co-operation to use low carbon footprint copper in its electromagnetic stirring (EMS) equipment and high-efficiency electric motors.

The aim is to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while driving the transition to a more circular economy, ABB says.

The partnership with Boliden forms a part of ABB’s strategic ambition to reduce the environmental impact of raw materials used in its products by replacing them with lower carbon alternatives, it says. Apart from using recycled copper, ABB has committed to increase the use of recycled electric steel (e-steel) and recycled aluminum.

The move is also an important step in closing the circularity loop that has already seen ABB designing its motors to be up to 98% recyclable, with the remaining 2% of materials available to be incinerated for heat recovery. Recycling copper, aluminum and steel offers energy savings of between 75-95% compared with virgin production, according to the company.

Ola Norén, Head of Metallurgy Products, Process Industries, ABB, said: “As a part of ABB’s 2030 sustainability strategy, our target is for 80% of our products and solutions to be covered by a circularity approach. The work with Boliden is an important step towards this goal. By taking stock of the delivery by the end of this year we’ll ensure that all our metallurgy products use recycled hollow copper conductors from 2023.”

Ulf Hellstrom, Managing Director at ABB Motion, Sweden, added: “We want to enable a more sustainable and resource-efficient future, and with this collaboration our customers can not only decarbonise by upgrading to energy-efficient motors but will also be able to install ABB technology that has an improved environmental footprint thanks to Boliden’s copper. This is an excellent example of the circular economy in practice.”

The co-operation includes ABB placing the first order for Boliden’s certified recycled copper through Finnish metals manufacturing specialist Luvata. Hollow conductor wire made from the material will be used in ABB’s EMS products for both steel and aluminum manufacturing.

Furthermore, as of 2023, ABB will purchase Boliden’s low-carbon and recycled copper to cover the demand for its IE5 Ultra-Premium Efficiency SynRM and e-mobility motors produced in Europe, it says. The two companies have also signed a memorandum of understanding that will see ABB supporting Boliden in identifying inefficient low-voltage motors across its operating units. These motors can then be replaced with high-efficiency motors within ABB’s take back upcycling framework, with the old motors recycled to provide raw material for Boliden’s recycled copper.

Boliden has developed low-carbon copper that is mined using fossil-free energy and also produces copper using secondary raw material from recycled products. The carbon footprint of these products is 65% lower than the industry average, according to the miner.

A typical 75 kW motor weighing 650 kg might include 80 kg of copper. Using Boliden’s copper saves approximately 200 kg of CO₂ emissions for every one of these motors manufactured, ABB says. Each stirrer has up to 2,700 kg of copper, saving up to 6,700 kg of CO2 per stirrer.

3ME and KESHI sign flameproof electric motor distribution deal

3ME Technology has signed a 10-year distribution deal with KESHI Group that will see its e-mobility solutions equipped with flameproof electric motors.

The agreement comes as 3ME Technology continues to build its strategic position in the mine electrification sector, including technology offerings for underground hazardous areas (flammable atmospheres) where challenging flameproof equipment certifications exist.

3ME said: “3ME Technology aims to provide superior electro-mobility (e-mobility) solutions to improve safety, performance and sustainability with one of its key target industries being mining. KESHI Group is a full-service provider of hazardous area mining auxiliary transportation equipment, engaged in the development, manufacturing, sales and service of hazardous area mining transportation solutions.”

KESHI Group, through collaboration with UQM Technologies (now Danfoss Editron), developed a flameproof electric motor designed to meet explosion-proof compliance. 3ME, through its strong relationship with UQM Technologies over the last 10 years, was provided with an introduction to KESHI over 12 months ago, which led to this formalised collaboration.

The current flameproof motors include UQM internal components – named a cartridge – combined with a KESHI Group metal housing. This will be incorporated into 3ME Technology’s flameproof system going forward.

“The distribution deal supports 3ME’s exclusive supply of KESHI-UQM explosion-proof motors into the Australian and New Zealand market,” 3ME said.

3ME Technology CEO, Justin Bain (pictured bottom right, signing contract), told IM: “3ME continues to consolidate key supporting technologies that, when combined with our core battery system and vehicle control software, progresses 3ME’s strategic position in both the local and international mining market and in this case for hazardous areas.

“We have successfully used the highly-reliable UQM (Danfoss Editron) e-motors for many years which, combined with the KESHI flameproof enclosure, provides an excellent new product for our vehicle manufacturer partners supporting hazardous area operations.”

Bain added 3ME looks forward to long-term successful collaboration with KESHI Group and “we have already identified other areas for promising collaboration in both the import and export space”.

Following a recent meeting with Bain and 3ME Technology’s CTO, Steven Howell, at AIMEX 2019 in Sydney, Australia, recently, IM understands the company has been very busy in the workshop with developing partners, with corporate and product updates expected soon.


Dana shows off Spicer Electrified with TM4 e-Hub Drive at Bauma China

Dana Incorporated has introduced the Spicer® Electrified™ with TM4® e-Hub Drive at the Bauma China show this week.

This fully integrated electro-mechanical system for heavy-duty mining and construction applications leverages Dana’s portfolio of vehicle electrification technologies, according to the company.

“Designed for underground mining trucks, large wheel loaders, and reach stackers, this e-Hub drive integrates proven heavy-duty Spicer axle expertise, Brevini® planetary drive designs, TM4 electric motor technology, and Dana’s advanced control expertise into a single package that delivers efficiency, reliability, and performance,” Dana said.

Currently in pre-production field testing with vehicle manufacturers, the e-Hub drive is scheduled to be ready for production by the end of next year.

Christophe Dominiak, Chief Technology Officer for Dana, said: “The ultimate measure of hybrid and electric technologies is their ability to meet the rigorous performance expectations of off-highway vehicles at the work site.

“This e-Hub drive illustrates how rapidly and effectively Dana has capitalised on our strategy to produce hybrid and electric propulsion solutions that perform in the harshest work environments anywhere in the world.”

Dana’s global centre of excellence for designing axles used in mining and other heavy-duty applications, the Dana China Technical Center in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, is ideally suited to lead the development of the e-Hub drive, the company said.

“The facility also leads the development of heavy-duty Spicer planetary steering axles for rough-terrain cranes with lift capacities ranging from 30 t to 110 t.

Dana’s engineering resources in the US, Italy, and Canada participated in the co-development of the Spicer Electrified e-Hub Drive, the company said.

Aziz Aghili, Executive Vice President of Dana and President of Off-Highway Drive and Motion Technologies, said: “With 23 worldwide technology centres strategically located near our customers, Dana has a distinct advantage in the development of propulsion systems for heavy-duty vehicles.”

“By combining our unmatched range of technologies with our regional expertise, Dana can precisely channel our engineering efforts toward highly tailored solutions on a market-by-market basis.”

Dana has emphasised engineering and development for hybridisation and electrification as part of the company’s enterprise strategy, which focuses on leveraging its decades of electric engineering expertise and product knowledge to offer an extensive portfolio of advanced hybrid and electric technologies that have been engineered for multiple vehicle markets.

“Ranging from complete systems and modular solutions to individual sub-system components, Dana is able to support its customers in developing series and parallel hybrid configurations up to full battery-electric vehicles.

“Dana’s electrified product offerings are able to meet the diverse architecture and platform requirements of its broad customer base by delivering enhanced performance, packaging optimisation, and reduced system weight,” the company said.

Dana has made a series of strategic moves to support electrification and hybridisation, including the acquisition of the power-transmission and fluid power businesses of Brevini; a majority ownership of TM4 Inc, a motor and inverter manufacturer; and an agreement to purchase the Drive Systems segment of the Oerlikon Group.

“Combined with the company’s core expertise in driveline technologies, sealing systems, and thermal management, these initiatives position Dana as the leading supplier of electrification solutions for the off-highway segment,” Dana said.

With the recent acquisition of TM4, Dana’s electrification capabilities now include in-house design and manufacturing for electric motors, power inverters, and control systems. Dana also offers a wide selection of Brevini® motion products to support the power distribution requirements of hybrid and electric off-highway vehicles. These products include gear pumps, hydraulic power units, valves and controls, hydraulic axial piston motors and pumps, orbital motors, control hardware and software, advanced sensor technologies, and operator-information displays.

Beyond the e-Hub drive, Dana is currently leveraging a wide portfolio of technologies for off-highway customers to offer dozens of successful electrified driveline applications now in production and pre-production testing.

Dana’s growing portfolio of electric and hybrid technologies is ideally positioned to support the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s ‘Made in China 2025’ initiative, and the company’s expertise has been honoured by leading organisations, it said.

For four consecutive years, Dana has been recognised by the China Decision Makers Consultancy for its electric and hybrid vehicle solutions. In 2017 and 2018, Dana was named the ‘Outstanding Power Electronics Solution Provider of the Year’, while Dana earned the ‘Best Battery Solution Provider of the Year’ award in 2015 and 2016. Additionally, Dana’s two-sided chip cooling technology was a 2016 Automotive News PACE Award finalist.

Dana serves numerous off-highway manufacturers in China, including AGCO, CRCHI, Epiroc, John Deere, and SANY. The company currently operates 17 facilities in China with approximately 6,750 employees through both wholly owned and joint venture operations.