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Sedgman teams up with enviroMETS Qld to find solutions for mining-impacted land

Sedgman says it will partner with enviroMETS Qld in 2023, supporting its mission to find innovative and sustainable repurposing, re-commercialising and remediation solutions to mining-impacted land.

A CIMIC Group company, Sedgman is a specialist in mineral processing and has experience designing and executing solutions for reducing tailings volumes in projects involving tailings reprocessing and dewatering.

enviroMETS Qld is an independent, industry led, not-for-profit, company established last year with a mission to find innovative and sustainable new ways to make mining impacted land more valuable to its current, and future custodians.

The Sedgman team has expertise in mine rehabilitation and will bring its experience to this opportunity to collaborate with government, researchers, mine owners and METS (mining equipment technology and service) companies to find solutions for abandoned mines that provide not only a rehabilitated landscape but also positive community and cultural legacies.

Sedgman said: “A low-emissions future isn’t possible without mining the key minerals to support renewable technologies. enviroMETS Qld and Sedgman will work to attract the best and brightest to join the industry to help deliver sustainable mining solutions in Queensland and globally.”

As part of the partnership, Sedgman will work towards enviroMETS Qld mission to support projects that deliver innovative mine closure solutions that leave a positive legacy.

Sedgman Managing Director, Grant Fraser, said: “We have a proud history of innovation, collaboration and sustainable solutions at Sedgman, and we are pleased to partner with enviroMETS Qld to support sustainable practices in the resources industry.”

enviroMETS Qld Executive Director, Allan Morton, said: “enviroMETS Qld is delighted that Sedgman is endorsing our mission with their partnering support. Having a respected Queensland-based and leading global industry solutions provider as part of our team enables us to take on a challenging problem with post mining land use with confidence.”

METS Ignited and the Queensland Government launch enviroMETS

Queensland mining companies can now tap into the collaborative innovation of experienced organisations to deliver maximum value and enhanced future uses of post-mining land with the launch of industry-led, not-for-profit enviroMETS.

Aimed at devising innovative and sustainable repurposing, recommercialising and remediation solutions to create the greatest value for future custodians, enviroMETS is a joint METS Ignited and Queensland Government partnership that, the partners say, will provide a conduit of innovative industry-led solutions for government and mining companies.

This cluster initiative will deploy skills, research and experience in:

  • Mine lifecycle planning;
  • Geochemical and mine affected water management;
  • Mine waste reprocessing;
  • Geotechnical and tailings storage facilities;
  • Mine closure management; and
  • Governance/policy/regulatory framework.

enviroMETS will enable commercial collaborations to research and deploy new technologies such as reprocessing mine waste for essential mineral extraction or repurposing the landform for another commercial use, the partners say.

METS Ignited CEO, Adrian Beer, said enviroMETS builds upon the early clustering work of METS Ignited, in partnership with the Queensland Government.

“In reviewing our progress, it was clear multiple groups would benefit from the support of a dedicated organisation engaged in project coordination and lead collaboration management,” Beer said.

“SME vendors, research and academia, government and state-owned entities, as well as mining, METS organisations and investors, could all leverage a trusted independent broker representing enviroMETS groups.”

enviroMETS Executive Director, Allan Morton, explained that it was important to understand enviroMETS is a completely independent, industry-led, not-for-profit company, forming innovative collaborations to solve industry wide challenges.

“We are initiating several ‘lighthouse’ projects within our innovation ecosystem participants to accelerate this process,” Morton said. “This authenticates the objective and collaborative nature we offer, which I believe will deliver a unique set of unparalleled benefits to our participant groups, the environment and future custodians of these parcels of land.”