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SPX FLOW’s MMR program helping with preventative approach to mixer maintenance

SPX FLOW says it is helping companies across six countries assess the health of mixers through its Mixer Modernization and Reliability (MMR) program.

To date, the process has assessed the health of more than 6,700 mixers.

The MMR provides a unique report on each mixer, allowing companies to take a proactive, preventative approach to mixer maintenance, the company says,

The report collects more than 30 data points on each mixer and is designed to identify at-risk equipment, obsolete equipment and installation issues, along with a review of the customer’s current inventory of spares. From there, the SPX FLOW team can work with the customer to build a modernisation plan for their mixers to help increase uptime, decrease unplanned downtime and increase the mean time between failures, it says.

An unplanned downtime event can be three to seven times more costly than planned downtime, according to SPX FLOW.

The MMR report allows the SPX FLOW team to proactively plan with the customer to increase the uptime of their mixing equipment by identifying problems before they happen.

The service team then creates a customer-centric report with plans to address current maintenance and reliability problems and a roadmap for modernisation for their information. This knowledge also allows companies to identify critical spare parts so they can be purchased before they are required, avoiding downtime and expedited delivery costs.

“In a world with so many unpredictable possibilities – from pandemics to emergencies – being able to plan whenever and wherever possible makes a difference,” SPX FLOW’s Vice President of Global Aftermarket for Mixing Solutions, Mark Cardano, said. “SPX FLOW prides itself on helping customers through the lifecycle of their equipment, and the MMR is one of the best ways to help in aftermarket support.

“The MMR program’s benefits are two-fold: providing companies a thorough and insightful check-up on mixers and access to our knowledgeable, experienced experts at the same time.”