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Carlton Power aims to supply Imerys and Sibelco with green hydrogen

Carlton Power says it has signed partnership agreements for the Langage Green Hydrogen project to supply hydrogen fuel to two international mining and materials companies: Imerys and Sibelco.

Both companies have clay mining operations within 8 km miles of the Langage site. Sibeclo’s Cornwood operation and Imerys’ Lee Moor operation both produce kaolin, mainly for the brick ceramics and tiles industries.

These agreements follow last month’s announcement that the Langage Green Hydrogen project in Devon, England, had been shortlisted by the UK Government for financial suppor.

Both Sibelco and Imerys plan to cut their greenhouse gas emissions over the next decade, and the transition away from fossil fuels to hydrogen is an important lever in their sustainability strategies. Carlton’s 10 MW hydrogen hub project at Langage, earmarked to enter operation in 2025, will help the two companies achieve their sustainability goals, Carlton Power says.

Ben Uphill, Director Operations at Sibelco, said: “The hydrogen scheme at Langage fits well with our drive to use greener fuel alternatives. With our site only a few kilometres away from the proposed hydrogen production facility, it seems an ideal concept to be involved with, and it’s good to hear greener energy being produced locally, securing energy supply. China Clay has been mined in the area for hundreds of years, and Sibelco plan to be in the area for many years to come.”

Mark Hewson, UK Hub Director at Imerys Minerals, said: “Imerys will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 42% by 2030, from the base-year of 2021. Our UK operations are committed to carbon emission reduction and one of the important strands of our strategy is the use of hydrogen to replace natural gas in our calcining operations. As such, the partnership agreement with Carlton Power in their Langage project is very important and will facilitate our transition from natural gas and consequently the reduction in our carbon emissions.”

Eric Adams, Hydrogen Projects Director at Carlton Power said: “We are delighted that Sibelco and Imerys, both major mining companies with operations across Devon and Cornwall, will work with Carlton Power to enable Langage to supply green hydrogen to their operations. Their move gives a strong and positive signal to other high-energy users in the West Country to make the switch. Following the development of our initial 10 MW project at Langage, we hope to increase its capacity to allow more companies – in industry, manufacturing and transport – to decarbonise their operations.”

The green hydrogen produced at Langage Green Energy will be supplied by an underground pipeline to Cornwood (Sibelco, pictured) and Lee Moor (Imerys Minerals).

Subject to reaching final agreements on the Langage project with the UK Government and a financial investment decision, Carlton Power is aiming to start construction onsite before the end of the year. Langage secured planning consent from South Hams Council in 2022.