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MAXAM looks to improve engagement with global customer base

MAXAM has announced the launch of a new online channel to address customer needs worldwide as part of the company’s transformation process towards becoming a global technology leader present in over 50 countries worldwide.

The new website offers improved user experience navigation with a responsive design, according to MAXAM.

Fernanda Cardama, MAXAM Global Head of People and Resources, said: “This new online channel has been envisioned to meet the costumer’s online journey to better reach and engage with our global audiences all over the world.”

The new global domain (www.maxamcorp.com) will, according to the company, enable access to:

  • Customised solutions supported by MAXAM’s best in class technology platform of energetic materials, focusing on mining, quarries, infrastructure construction, seismic prospecting and special applications;
  • Case studies of MAXAM global operations carried out in the most challenging conditions such as the expansion of the Panama Canal and the Port of Singapore, demolition of the Puertollano Tower and the construction of the Brenner Tunnel; and
  • In-depth insights developed by MAXAM technical experts and leadership team tackling industry trends and management visions: co-creation with customers to generate value, digitalisation and underwater blasting.