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Metso launches first-of-its-kind hydrogen burner for pelletising

Metso says it is introducing a hydrogen-variant of the Ferroflame™ LowNOx burners as part of its NextGen Pelletizing™ plant product range.

It is a first-of-its-kind burner to run on hydrogen and to operate on the LowNOx combustion principle, according to Metso. Designed especially for the traveling grate pelletising plants, these burners are 100% hydrogen powered and are part of Metso’s Planet Positive offering focused on environmentally efficient technologies.

Hydrogen-powered Ferroflame LowNOx burners use the same combustion principle as that of Ferroflame LowNOx burners for natural gas launched in 2022. They can readily replace traditional burners in a traveling grate pelletising plant, and the Ferroflame LowNOx burners for natural gas can be modified to run on hydrogen, the company says.

Andreas Munko, Senior Product Manager, Ferrous and Heat Transfer at Metso, said: “We are very excited to bring the hydrogen-variant of the Ferroflame LowNOx burner for traveling grate pelletising plants to the market. Its laboratory-proven functionality and performance with hydrogen can be implemented in pelletising plants and can help customers in meeting CO2 and NOx targets. We see these burners as a stepping-stone towards decarbonisation of the pelletising industry.”

The hydrogen burners are part of Metso’s NextGen Pelletising concept, designed on the vision for the next generation of pelletising plants that strive to be carbon-neutral and autonomous. Metso also has a suite of digital solutions that help improve process performance, production capacity and product quality, as well as reduce energy consumption, environmental impact, and operation and maintenance costs. These solutions include VisioPellet™, Optimus Process optimiser, Pallet Car Condition Monitoring System and Training Simulator, among others.