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PAUS and Dräger advance mine rescue operations with new MR Fire Truck

Dräger and PAUS have released their latest mobile mine rescue equipment solution, leveraging the expertise of Rosenbauer as one of the world’s leading manufacturer of systems for firefighting and disaster protection.

The MR Fire Truck builds on the MRV 9000 Mine Rescue Vehicle, which was previously developed by PAUS and Dräger. This was designed to deliver rescue units safely, reliably and as close as possible to the emergency site. The base is the two-axle PAUS MinCa 18A vehicle, which has been tested at mine operations over several years, alongside Dräger’s life support systems.

The superstructure of the new MR Fire Truck can be customised and equipped with all kind of firefighting, technical rescue and first aid equipment, according to PAUS.

“The MR Fire Truck is again providing a breathing-protected driver’s cabin and allows to carry the team and heavy equipment through contaminated tunnel sections,” PAUS said. “Compared to the common practice of mine rescue teams to walk through contaminated areas by wearing respirators and carrying smaller equipment with the mobile solution type, the MR Fire Truck allows you to now expand the limitation of use for more efficient prevention of hazards for the protection of persons and material assets underground (preventive and operational).”