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3ME and KESHI sign flameproof electric motor distribution deal

3ME Technology has signed a 10-year distribution deal with KESHI Group that will see its e-mobility solutions equipped with flameproof electric motors.

The agreement comes as 3ME Technology continues to build its strategic position in the mine electrification sector, including technology offerings for underground hazardous areas (flammable atmospheres) where challenging flameproof equipment certifications exist.

3ME said: “3ME Technology aims to provide superior electro-mobility (e-mobility) solutions to improve safety, performance and sustainability with one of its key target industries being mining. KESHI Group is a full-service provider of hazardous area mining auxiliary transportation equipment, engaged in the development, manufacturing, sales and service of hazardous area mining transportation solutions.”

KESHI Group, through collaboration with UQM Technologies (now Danfoss Editron), developed a flameproof electric motor designed to meet explosion-proof compliance. 3ME, through its strong relationship with UQM Technologies over the last 10 years, was provided with an introduction to KESHI over 12 months ago, which led to this formalised collaboration.

The current flameproof motors include UQM internal components – named a cartridge – combined with a KESHI Group metal housing. This will be incorporated into 3ME Technology’s flameproof system going forward.

“The distribution deal supports 3ME’s exclusive supply of KESHI-UQM explosion-proof motors into the Australian and New Zealand market,” 3ME said.

3ME Technology CEO, Justin Bain (pictured bottom right, signing contract), told IM: “3ME continues to consolidate key supporting technologies that, when combined with our core battery system and vehicle control software, progresses 3ME’s strategic position in both the local and international mining market and in this case for hazardous areas.

“We have successfully used the highly-reliable UQM (Danfoss Editron) e-motors for many years which, combined with the KESHI flameproof enclosure, provides an excellent new product for our vehicle manufacturer partners supporting hazardous area operations.”

Bain added 3ME looks forward to long-term successful collaboration with KESHI Group and “we have already identified other areas for promising collaboration in both the import and export space”.

Following a recent meeting with Bain and 3ME Technology’s CTO, Steven Howell, at AIMEX 2019 in Sydney, Australia, recently, IM understands the company has been very busy in the workshop with developing partners, with corporate and product updates expected soon.