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Saft develops NMC ARROK battery tailored for off-road vehicles

Saft has launched ARROK® as a new breed of lithium-ion battery tailored, it says, for off-road industrial vehicles.

ARROK is designed to deliver both high energy content and fast charging within one hour. It maximises the availability of heavy-duty vehicles for all off-road markets including mining, the company says.

Vehicles for these sectors are produced in low volumes, but with a broad array of applications and requirements compared with the car industry. Therefore, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) need a battery solution that can easily be adapted to multiple vehicle types. Adopting a unique flexible approach reduces the lead time and expense of developing new vehicles and cuts down the requirement for type testing and certification, according to Saft.

The ARROK batteries are based on lithium nickel-manganese-cobalt oxide electrochemistry to offer the highest energy density for longer autonomy, it says. Saft’s century-long experience also ensures reliable operation over a long cycle life across a wide range of temperatures.

Franck Cecchi, Executive Vice President of Saft’s Mobility division, said: “Saft’s ARROK battery systems bring a new level of modularity. By combining top-notch voltage and energy capabilities, with a compact size of 216 Wh/L and one-hour charge, ARROK opens up new opportunities for OEMs to easily electrify their existing diesel vehicles or to design new electric models.”

ARROK batteries can be combined to create battery systems rated at 48-900 V, providing from 4.2-750 kWh energy storage capacity, enough to power small, medium or large industrial vehicles over a full day, with a one-hour break for recharging, it says.