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Searcher brings GeoClerk geo-imagery search engine to mining sector

Searcher is looking to branch out of the oil & gas sector with a mining edition of its advanced geo-imagery search engine GeoClerk.

GeoClerk intelligently extracts imagery and surrounding data from all types of unstructured documents, and then uses machine learning to classify them into geologically relevant categories.

The intuitive, web-based interface enables simple and complex querying to provide images in categories such as maps, core photos, imagery, cross-sections and tables, which are all linked back to the original source documents, the company says.

GeoClerk works with government databases, mineral company websites, internal document libraries and institutional subscriptions to identify, define and present images in geologically relevant categories to easily extract information from historic and uncategorised documents, Searcher says. Over 1.2 million relevant images are already available in GeoClerk.

Helen Anderson, Vice President Minerals at Searcher, said: “Expanding into the mining industry, after 15 years of oil and gas focus, is an exciting new venture for Searcher.

“Industry feedback has been overwhelmingly positive since the launch of GeoClerk in the oil and gas industry. There was a clear demand for geoscientists from the mineral industry to utilise the geo-imagery search engine.

“Companies in both industries are looking to save time and resources, as well as making it easier to access their huge databases of old reports in storage units and modern computerised data, all through the visual aspect of images.”