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Mayhew Performance wins Americas distribution rights to ABI Disconnect

Mayhew Performance and G&L Innovation LLC have announced a partnership for the exclusive distribution rights for the ABI (Automatic Battery Interrupter) Disconnect product in Canada, Chile, Peru, Argentina and Brazil.

The ABI Disconnect serves two main purposes:

  • Protecting the battery in the event of a deployment of the fire suppression system, it automatically isolates and disconnects the batteries; and
  • When the ABI detects inactivity, it removes the load and isolates the batteries prolonging the life of the batteries.

Gerald Laughter, President & CEO, G&L Innovation, said: “ABI saves lives, property, production and the environment one box at a time. We are truly excited to partner with a global leader and partner like Mayhew Performance who specialises in battery-electric equipment and underground mining.”

Mike Mayhew, Chairman of Mayhew Performance, said: “We are extremely excited to partner with G&L Innovation LLC and implement the ABI Disconnect in our underground mines around the world to showcase a unique and innovative approach to battery safety for underground mining equipment. The ABI Disconnect is adaptable to diesel or battery-electric vehicle equipment for safe operations and managing risk and safety for operators with a simple installation, as a low-cost solution.”