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Golding to add second 600 t excavator and 220 t haul truck to Jellinbah East fleet

NRW Holdings Limited’s wholly owned subsidiary, Golding Contractors Pty Ltd, has signed a variation to its existing five-year mining services agreement with Jellinbah Mining Pty Ltd at the Jellinbah East coal mine in central Queensland, Australia.

The scope of the variation includes operating and maintaining a second 600-t excavator and 220-t rear dump truck fleet to mine pre-strip overburden, increasing the full scope of the agreement to two 600-t mining fleets.

The variation is valued at approximately A$160 million ($105 million) and will commence in April 2024 using existing owned fleet and supplemented with hire equipment, NRW says.

NRW subsidiary Action Drill & Blast Pty Ltd has also been awarded the following contracts in Queensland:

  • Blasthole drilling services for Batchfire Resources at the Callide coal mine. The contract, valued at circa-A$52 million over five years has commenced and will use a workforce of some 40 personnel;
  • A 12-month extension to supply agreement with Dyno Nobel Asia Pacific Pty Ltd for a Bowen Basin mine valued at A$30 million; and
  • A services agreement involing drilling for a central Queensland mine. This has a contract term of three years on an agreed rates basis with an estimated value of A$28 million.

These contracts will also use existing ADB-owned equipment where applicable, the company said.

NRW’s Golding subsidiary extends mining pact at Baralaba North PCI mine

NRW Holdings Limited says its Golding Contractors Pty Ltd subsidiary has received a Binding Letter of Intent to enter into a 5.5-year Mining Services Agreement with Wonbindi Coal Pty Ltd at the Baralaba North Mine in Queensland’s Bowen Basin.

The award is valued at approximately A$800 million ($592 million) and, the company says, continues the strong relationship between Golding and Wonbindi Coal Pty Ltd where Golding has provided the Contract Mining Services at the Baralaba North Mine over the last four years.

The scope of work remains the same and includes maintaining and operating a client owned fleet of equipment, producing an ultra-low volatile pulverised coal injection coal. The original contract included overall mine planning; the removal of topsoil; drilling, blasting, loading and hauling overburden; loading and hauling of coal; and handling coal through the crushing and screening plant.

The agreement will commence on July 1, 2022.