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Epiroc to split Tools & Attachments division to foster new growth

Epiroc says it is further strengthening the focus on its tools and attachments business through the splitting of its Tools & Attachments division and appointment of new division presidents.

In recent years, the Tools & Attachments division has expanded significantly through organic and inorganic growth, and will become significantly larger after the completion of the acquisition of STANLEY Infrastructure, Epiroc says. To sustain optimal focus on each business line and continue fostering profitable growth, Epiroc will, from May 1, 2024, split the Tools & Attachments division into these two new divisions: the Rock Drilling Tools (Tools) division and the Mining & Infrastructure Attachments (Attachments) division.

Martin Hjerpe, currently SVP M&A, Strategy and Supply Chain, will become President of the Tools division. Goran Popovski, currently President of the Tools & Attachments division, will become President of the Attachments division.

“With past growth and now the ongoing acquisition of STANLEY Infrastructure – our largest acquisition ever – our tools and attachments business is expanding significantly,” Helena Hedblom, Epiroc’s President and CEO, says. “By dividing up the business into two dedicated divisions, we are optimising the focus for all the business lines and supporting sustainable, profitable growth.”

The Tools division will cover:

  • Tophammer and Handheld;
  • DTH, Rotary and Raiseboring;
  • Ground Support; and
  • Supply Chain.

The Attachments division will cover:

  • Ground Engaging Tools (CR);
  • Hydraulic Attachment Tools; and
  • STANLEY Infrastructure

After the change on May 1, Epiroc will have the following external reporting segments and divisions (the external reporting segments remain unchanged):

  • The Equipment & Service segment with the divisions Underground, Surface, Parts & Services North and South America (NASA), Parts & Services Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Parts & Services Asia Pacific (APAC), and Digital Solutions. (Unchanged); and
  • The Tools & Attachments segment with the divisions Tools and Attachments.

Epiroc announced on December 15, 2023, that it had agreed to acquire STANLEY Infrastructure from Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. The acquisition is expected to be completed around the end of this month.

Epiroc adds diamond-protected buttons to newest blast hole drill bits

Epiroc is introducing a new drilling innovation with diamond-protected buttons, which, it says, can significantly prolong the replacement intervals for drilling applications in hard rock.

Powerbit X with diamond-protected buttons comes with less exposure to danger for operators, more uptime and lower CO2 emissions among its benefits.

Epiroc explained: “The less time an operator spends on changing drill bits, the better. Every avoided bit change eliminates the risk of slipping and falling and prevents injured backs, hands and fingers as well as increase the drilling time.”

In this regard, Powerbit X is a game-changer when it comes to safety, according to Goran Popovski, President of the Tools & Attachments division at Epiroc.

“The diamond-protected buttons gives the drill bits substantially longer service life than those with standard buttons as well as maximises the drilling time, which means fewer changes, higher productivity and less exposure to danger for operators,” he said.

Powerbit X realises the full potential of remotely and automatically controlled drilling, according to the company, with the long drill bit life means that it is possible to drill in auto mode over lunch breaks, shift changes and blast ventilation cycles.

Jonas Falkeström, Strategic Business Development Manager at Epiroc, said: “An operator can complete a single hole with only one drill bit. The alternative with in-hole bit replacements is time-consuming and quickly adds substantial productivity losses. It is possible to save hundreds of hours by changing to this new technology using buttons protected by diamonds.”

The extremely hard surface of Powerbit X makes it possible to reduce the amount of CO2 emissions per drilled metre – by up to 90% compared with standard drill bits, Epiroc says. The long bit life of Powerbit X means that less energy and resources are consumed, with a reduced need for drill bits in the mining operation translating to a reduction in transport to the mine and in the mine.

And, using Powerbit X means the drill bits will require no regrinding. When a Powerbit X drill bit is finally worn out, it is time for recycling, not regrinding, the company says.

Epiroc concluded: “Constant hole diameter is essential for efficient and even blasting. When using a traditional drill bit, the diameter gets reduced over time, leading to smaller and smaller holes. With Powerbit X, the diamond-protected buttons keep their shape throughout the lifetime of the bit. The fact that the holes are of the same size every time improves both the blasting quality and the life of the drilling equipment.”