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Gekko Systems achieves commercial production milestone at Dolphin tungsten processing plant

Gekko Systems says the mineral processing plant to recover tungsten at the Dolphin Mine in King Island, in Tasmania, Australia, has now reached the commercial production milestone.

Group 6 Metals (G6M) contracted Gekko Systems to design, procure and construct a mineral processing plant for the recovery of tungsten at the mine back in 2021. The Gekko engineering team worked in close partnership with G6M to design the process flowsheet and, by mid-2023, the process plant achieved commercial production, operating 24 hours a day to process tungsten.

“We are proud to achieve commercial production of the Dolphin Mine Processing Plant on King Island,” Andrew Edmondston, CEO of Gekko Systems, said. “This project represents a remarkable achievement for Gekko, G6M and the entire team involved. The processing plant will undoubtedly contribute to the sustainable supply of tungsten and support numerous industries that rely on this critical mineral.”

The installation and commissioning of the processing plant were carried out by skilled workers from mostly regional Tasmania and Victoria.

An October 2021 presentation from King Island Scheelite, which has since become G6M, outlined a 400,000 t/y ore operation, producing 275,000 metric tonne units of tungsten oxide.

Gekko to build tungsten ore processing plant for Dolphin Mine re-development

Gekko Systems says it has executed a construction contract with Group 6 Metals Limited for the design, procurement, construction and commissioning of the processing plant and related facilities for the redevelopment of G6M’s 100% owned Dolphin Mine, located on King Island, Tasmania.

The contract, which has a value of approximately A$49 million ($35 million), anticipates the commissioning of the facilities in the March quarter of 2023. Based on this timing the first shipment of ore from the Dolphin mine to customers will also occur during the three-month period.

Gekko has been engaged with G6M (formerly King Island Scheelite) over the last three years and, together, the companies have formulated the flowsheet which was developed after extensive independent test work at the ALS laboratory undertaken on behalf of G6M in Burnie, Tasmania.

Following the execution of the contract, G6M is scheduled to commence earthworks early in the March quarter of 2022 in preparation of the civil works commencing soon thereafter.

Group 6 Metals Executive Chairman, Johann Jacobs, said: “We have successfully worked very closely with Gekko over a number of years, which has culminated in us being able to execute this substantial contract so soon after completion of the financing of the project. We look forward to continuing our working relationship with Gekko to ensure a quality facility that is completed on time and within budget.”

Chair of Gekko Systems, Elizabeth Lewis-Gray, added: “This is a critical resource development and an important project for regional Tasmania and Victoria. The team at Gekko are proud to have the opportunity to collaborate on and deliver a quality, locally designed and built process plant solution for Group 6 Metals.”

An October presentation from King Island Scheelite outlined a 400,000 t/y ore operation, producing 275,000 metric tonne units of tungsten oxide.