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Superior Industries announces new heavy duty Guardian scalping screen

Superior Industries, Inc., a US-based manufacturer and global supplier of bulk material processing and handling systems is announcing what it says is another advancement in its lineup of Guardian® Horizontal Screens with a brand-new heavy duty scalping model.

The new HD scalping screen handles a maximum feed size of 457 mm, surpassing its medium-duty predecessor, which maxes out at 355 mm.

The HD screen is equipped with a perforated top deck, or punch plate, made of heavy-duty 19 mm AR steel. A slight slope facilitates the movement of feed material for efficient screening.

Superior says it manufactures more than a dozen models of its popular Guardian Horizontal Screen series in Columbus, Nebraska, one of its four American manufacturing facilities. Horizontal screens are available in two, three, or four-deck configurations.

IDS GeoRadar enhances algorithms for Guardian slope monitoring software

IDS GeoRadar, part of Hexagon, has announced the new SMV algorithm for Guardian, its software for slope monitoring.

Developed by IDS GeoRadar’s R&D team together with major players of the mining and monitoring industry, SMV is the result of a two-year collaboration and development, it says.

“Guardian SMV provides a revolutionary approach to radar monitoring as the first algorithm specifically designed for low vegetated assets’ management,” IDS said. “Guardian SMV processes radar data for the early detection and visualisation of very slow deformations in low vegetated environments – typical of tailing dams. The implementation of an innovative velocity estimator extends the sensitivity to impressive low-end velocity ranges, similar to satellite InSAR.”

IDS says Guardian SMV provides a unique reduced noise level with an optimal filtering of the noise caused by low vegetation and drastically reduces the decorrelation effects on radar data.

Guardian SMV performs an efficient and continuous monitoring of low vegetated environments supporting professionals in the early detection of ground instabilities, it added. This sees the solution provide “unprecedent benefits” for continuous monitoring of very slow movements, reducing the negative effects of low vegetation on radar data and providing a reliable detection of displacements in the few mm per month velocity ranges.

IDS GeoRadar out to improve productivity in radar slope monitoring with Hi-Sense

IDS GeoRadar, part of Hexagon, has launched the new Hi-Sense algorithm for Guardian, IDS GeoRadar’s software for slope monitoring.

Hi-Sense is the new state-of-the-art algorithm, embedded in Guardian software, aimed at improving productivity in radar slope monitoring.

The company explained: “Fast-changing atmospheric conditions are the greatest challenge in slope monitoring and IDS GeoRadar was the first to introduce on the mining market an advanced management of atmospherics. With the new Hi-Sense algorithm the management of atmospherics in radar slope monitoring is furtherly up-scaled to provide the cleanest view on displacements, even in challenging weather conditions.”

With the new Hi-Sense algorithm, effects introduced by fast-changing meteorological conditions, such as stormy weather, are processed with unparalleled fidelity, facilitating the interpretation of data and improving productivity in radar slope monitoring: reduced false positives and extended sensitivity to a wider range of movement trends, the company explained.

Even in fast-changing atmospheric conditions, Hi-Sense can support users providing the cleanest data output on radar maps, enhancing the possibility to anticipate the detection of instabilities and leading to an improved risk management in radar slope monitoring, according to IDS GeoRadar.

Superior Industries to showcase eight new products at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023

US-based bulk material processing and handling systems specialist, Superior Industries Inc, is planning to showcase more than 250 tons (227 t) of products at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada, in March, with at least eight of the products representing brand new launches.

Included among this new product offering is an expanded cone crusher portfolio, with two brand-new cone models introduced and shown alongside Superior’s Patriot® Bushing Cone.

Superior explained: “First, the Dakota™ Bearing Cone, which will earn credibility for its efficient use of horsepower per tonne, a straightforward lubrication system, and a wide range of liner profiles. The other new cone crusher will be called the Endeavor™ Spider Bushing Cone. Operationally, it’s an uncomplicated design that accepts a wide range of feed sizes with an adjustable stroke for fine tuning.”

Superior also plans to display its Liberty® Jaw, Valor® VSI, and Sentry® HSI crushers.

In addition to this, Superior plans to debut a new quick-to-erect modular wash plant.

According to Superior, its increasingly broad portfolio of Fusion® Modular Platforms are a good match for aggregate producers seeking semi-static plants that are easy to install and maintain with a more economical price tag than portable plants or design-build projects. On display, the company plans to erect a 8 x 20 ft (2.4 m x 6.1 m), three-deck Guardian® Horizontal Wet Screen Fusion Platform with an Aggredry® Dewatering Screen attached to one of the discharge points.

In 2023, it will mark the eighth time Superior will display its famed TeleStacker® Conveyor (pictured) at CONEXPO-CON/AGG – and each show there is new technology to showcase and new success stories to share. With radial travel, variable height and a telescopic conveyor, TeleStacker Conveyors stockpile material in a way that overcomes material segregation. This show, Superior will display a 42 in (1.06 m) x 170 ft (52 m) XTP Swing Axle model with a working automation panel that visitors can interact with in the booth.

Lastly, Superior will display a wide variety of its own conveyor components, with the manufacturer planning to show more than three dozen individual idlers, pulleys, scrapers and other conveyor accessories. New products include a redesigned line of Exterra® Belt Cleaners with some brand-new options, a modular Load Zone Skirting System for dust and spillage control, and unique Application-Specific Idler Bearing Seals for longer-lasting idlers in demanding conditions.

CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023 will run from March 14-18, 2023, in Las Vegas, Nevada. International Mining is a media sponsor of the event

IDS GeoRadar adds artificial intelligence layer to slope stability monitoring process

IDS GeoRadar, part of Hexagon, has announced a new solution for geotechnical professionals that, it says, pioneers the introduction of artificial intelligence in slope stability monitoring – Ai.DA, the AI-based software monitoring tool for Guardian.

Ai.DA is an artificial intelligence-based software tool providing an additional smart processing layer to radar data. Ai.DA, through the use of algorithms, simplifies the identification of movements from possible residual noise by evaluating the consistency of the detected movement trend with typical slope instabilities behaviours and models, helping professionals to optimise processes and take better decisions, IDS says.

Ai.DA is an intelligent support to radar data interpretation and is fully integrated with Guardian, IDS GeoRadar’s software to manage slope stability risks in both open-pit mining operations and natural geo-hazards. Guardian’s processed radar data is automatically pushed to Ai.DA providing an additional smart processing layer that highlights quick moving areas through an intuitive interface with a clear and detailed view on a 3D map.

Ai.DA can provide simultaneous data processing of radar data originating from one to six different radars and
highlights timely localised and quick moving areas, which are often difficult to manage, for improved decision making, the company says.

“With Ai.DA, we are pioneering the use of artificial intelligence in slope stability monitoring, and we commit to providing customers with state-of-the-art technology solutions to support radar data interpretation,” Angela Patera, Guardian Product Owner at IDS GeoRadar, said. “Interpreting the big amount of available data is the new challenge for geotechnical engineers and Ai.DA represents a valuable support to this demanding task.”