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Hercules Engineering introduces new H-Glide structural bearings

Custom-fabricated structural bearings are being introduced by Hercules Engineering for extremely high stress applications in resources projects requiring outstanding load-bearing performance, even in compact or wet spaces in the likes of mineral processing applications.

The latest Herculon™ structural bearings are manufactured by integrating H-Glide fibre-reinforced composite pads sliding on 2B finish stainless steel to achieve an exceptionally low sliding coefficient of friction compared with other engineering bearing materials, even under water, Hercules Engineering says.

Unlike metal bearings that may rust or require continual lubrication and maintenance, H-Glide bearing pads are dry sliding and will not release contaminants into surrounding environments or adjacent processes, according to the company.

David Booty, Manager of Hercules Engineering (a division of Cut To Size Plastics Pty Ltd), said: “H-Glide’s excellent sliding properties (including friction coefficients from 0.05-0.1) are invaluable to infrastructure developers, engineers, architects and specifiers because lower coefficients of friction will transfer less stress onto the load-bearing structural components when the bearing does its job of protecting them against surrounding movement.”

Booty added: “With their incompressible H-Glide sliding layer, these bearings can withstand extreme point pressures of 350-500 MPa, depending on bearing design and application.

“This outstanding performance – which is up to 40 times greater than conventional water-resistant and non-lubricated fibre-reinforced elastomeric bearing pads – is complemented by the material’s ability to function well in a variety of environments including, but not limited to, damp or under water applications.”

The company’s standard ranges of Herculon structural bearings and Hercuslip™ composite slip joints are, according to Hercules Engineering, widely proven product designs that have performed over decades since 1972 in industrial and resources projects.

The H-Glide bearing pad is available in different formulations, including conductive materials. It is equally suitable for a wide variety of high-load structures requiring extreme load-bearing capability combined with non ‘stick-slip’ behaviour, where static and kinetic coefficient of sliding friction are virtually equal.

“By using new generation composite formulations, H-Glide bearings allow the highest loads, with ultra-low wear rates and friction values,” Booty said. “The material is resistant to a majority of common industrial chemicals and environments, whether it is immersed in water or used in dry applications, or anywhere in between, from freezing to tropical conditions.”