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Hägglunds presents plug-and-play answer to industrial drive system needs with Hägglunds Fusion

Hägglunds has launched a new drive system innovation that, it says, brings a new definition of compact to the already space-saving Hägglunds drive concept.

Launching at the end of this month, Hägglunds Fusion sees an entire hydraulic direct drive system mounted on the torque arm, making Hägglunds drive system advantages even more attractive for a wide range of applications, the company said.

For the first time, customers in mining, materials handling and other industries have a plug-and-play answer to drive system needs, according to Hägglunds. A Hägglunds Fusion drive system puts everything on the torque arm, from the hydraulic motor and pumps to the cabinet that houses them. That makes high torque and total reliability available from a single unit – in a footprint that was previously unthinkable.

Wolfram Ulrich, Vice President of Sales for Hägglunds products and solutions, said: “Hägglunds Fusion brings everything together on the torque arm. Not only is there no gearbox or foundation, there are no alignments or even hydraulic pipes or hoses to consider. A Hägglunds Fusion drive system is as compact it gets.”

For owners of equipment in lower power ranges, such as apron feeders (example below), belt feeders, belt conveyors and infeed conveyors, the Hägglunds Fusion benefits are especially clear. Streamlined installation means easier access to Hägglunds strengths, which save money over time compared with electromechanical drives, the company said.

“These applications have much to gain from a Hägglunds hydraulic solution, due to their many starts, stops and reversals,” Ulrich says. “Choosing Hägglunds gives them maximum torque from zero speed and built-in protection from torque peaks, which ensures high productivity and low cost of ownership. Now we add easier installation to the mix.”

Ulrich concluded: “Hägglunds Fusion is compact and dependable power, fused with plug-and-play simplicity.”

At the same time as launching Hägglunds Fusion, the company presented a “bold new look” as part of a re-branding exercise. This move, the company said, will make the Hägglunds brand more visible within Rexroth.