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Haultrax to emphasise effective change management strategies at IMARC 2023

Haultrax, a mining consulting company and a software provider of fleet management systems (FMS) and mining productivity technologies, is set to highlight the potential of effective change management, emphasising how proper implementation of technology can lead to remarkable advancements in mining operations, at the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) 2023, in Sydney, Australia.

By highlighting the significance of aligning people, processes and technology, Haultrax says it aims to emphasise the crucial role played by each element in achieving optimal outcomes.

Visitors to the stand will have the opportunity to delve into the common pitfalls that lead to technology project failures and the key strategies to mitigate them and embark on successful digital transformation journeys, the company says.

“At Haultrax, we understand the mining business, operations, its people and processes to implement technology for the end user and make sure it’s delivering value for that company,” Shyamal Sharma, Managing Director at Haultrax (pictured), said. “We bring specialisation at a strategic level but also dirt-underneath-the-fingernails experience to ensure our solutions will work for our clients. All our solutions or proposals on how to implement technology work because of that understanding.

“Our participation at IMARC 2023 provides us with an exceptional platform to showcase how digital solutions and mining technology can be integrated into a business and implemented with the people at the frontline.”

Haultrax says it is committed to leveraging technology and innovation to make the lives of individuals easier, safer and more productive, and its participation at IMARC 2023 reflects its dedication to supporting mining companies’ decision making and business outcomes.

“We look forward to engaging with industry peers, customers and stakeholders at IMARC 2023 and sharing our vision for the future of mining,” Sharma added. “Our team is excited to explore collaborative opportunities and demonstrate how Haultrax’s solutions can drive positive change within the mining ecosystem.”

International Mining is a media sponsor of IMARC 2023, taking place on October 31-November 2, in Sydney, Australia