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MST Global releases new integrated software platform, HELIX

MST Global has launched HELIX, a next-generation software platform that brings underground miners’ “software, hardware and third-party integrations into one platform”.

HELIX, which builds on MST’s 2D Visualisation and Tracking software, ICA and Minedash, has all the luxuries of a modern interface and platform while building “your digital ecosystem”, the company says.

Within the platform is HELIX 3DConnect, a solution that provides miners with a total overview of operations across multiple sites, including the integration of surface maps. “You can view these maps in 3D and in 2D, depending on what view provides your task with the most value,” MST Global says.

This allows companies to view the location of personnel, fixed and mobile assets and technology devices underground; as well as offering tracking view options to scale with increased granularity or coverage. HELIX 3DConnect also provides direct messaging to personnel within the 2Dmap functionality.

When it comes to control and monitoring, HELIX Automation sets up distributed automation processes underground and monitors sensor activity that triggers a series of events. This includes events such as ventilation on demand through personnel and vehicle tracking movements, turning on and off water pumps while managing the capacity of the water tank, and better traffic management.

HELIX Automation offers pre-defined automation and sensor rules for convenience, as well as the ability to adapt or custom build automation and sensor rules unique to the mining operation. It also allows users to integrate existing third-party sensors to automate and control operations.