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Holman Wilfley shakes up manufacturing base with solar installation

Holman Wilfley, as part of its continuing environmental policy development, has completed the installation of the first 20 kW array of solar photovoltaic panels to power its main assembly factory in Pool, England.

In addition to supplying its factory, the installation will also allow surplus natural energy to feed back to the grid, contributing to government targets for clean energy generation, Holman Wilfley said.

“Our gravity machine assembly processes will make use of this clean element of energy for general operations, and testing,” the company said. “This will help Holman Wilfley reduce its carbon footprint and environmental impact.”

With this installation, the company says it can assist the mining sector’s drive for sustainability, joining a community of 140,000 independent green energy generators.

Holman Wilfley supplies gravity separation technology to the minerals, metals and recycling industries.

Its shaking tables provide efficient gravity separation of fine minerals in the mining space, with its customers currently using this equipment to produce concentrates of gold (alluvial and milled ore), tin, tungsten, tantalum and chromite. In these operations, the tables are usually used as the final stage in gravity circuits.

The company’s gravity separation equipment is also found throughout the mineral sands space, where the tables are often the primary concentrating technology.