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Omnia and Hypex Bio to showcase HPE-based explosive benefits at ISEE conference

The potential of hydrogen peroxide emulsion (HPE) to reduce explosives emissions will come under the spotlight at the upcoming 50th Conference of the International Society of Explosives Engineers (ISEE) in USA.

In a paper to be presented jointly by Omnia group company BME and strategic partner Hypex Bio Explosives Technology (Hypex Bio), the authors will explain the benefits of HPE in reducing atmospheric and aqueous pollutants associated with blasting. Titled ‘Breaking the Nitrate-Based Explosives Greenhouse: The Dawn of Production-Scale HPE for Industrial Blasting’, the presentation is expected to generate considerable interest among blasting professionals meeting in Savannah, Georgia, USA from January 24-27.

“The past decade has seen renewed interest in HPE as a route to eliminating NOx fumes from blasting,” D Scott Scovira, BME’s Global Manager Blasting Science and Engineering, said. “As more companies have committed to the COP26 goals of Net Zero by 2050, there has been additional impetus to investigate hydrogen peroxide based explosives for industrial use.”

Scovira highlighted that HPE contains no nitrates and does not generate post-blast NOx. It also generates no aqueous nitrate or ammonia pollution, so also contributes to meeting increasingly regulated mine site water discharge limits.

Hypex Bio has recently developed the formulation, manufacture and end-use delivery of a hydrogen peroxide based emulsion on an industrial scale. According to Thomas Gustavsson, CEO of Hypex Bio, in Stockholm, Sweden, this emulsion is composed primarily of hydrogen peroxide, with a lesser amount of fuel and emulsifier phase. The performance of HPE has proved to be as good as nitrate-based emulsions, and is compatible with current priming and initiation systems, according to the company.

“We recently conducted a successful underground HPE evaluation with a major mining company in Sweden,” Gustavsson said. “HPE blast designs were the same as those done with nitrate-based emulsions, and we achieved equivalent rock breakage, advance, muck displacement and excavator performance.”

He added that the ventilation and re-entry times were reduced during this evaluation, due to the absence of hazardous fumes. The mining company has expressed further interest in assessing HPE as a transformative explosive technology. Gustavsson also highlighted that the production of HPE was energy efficient.

“The base HPE is produced in a low energy intensity modular plant using industry proven mixing techniques,” he explained. “In contrast, the production of ammonium nitrate (AN) emulsion is relatively energy-intensive and not carbon neutral.”

HPE offers a significant reduction in total carbon emission when compared with nitrate-based explosives, he continued. Based on the European Union average and for the oxidiser phase only, 1 kg of AN emulsion emits 2.3 kg of carbon dioxide; in comparison, the production of HPE results in just 0.23 kg of carbon dioxide – a 90% difference.

Omnia entered into its strategic partnership with Hypex Bio in October 2023, and holds a minority equity stake in the company.

Omnia Holdings backs Hypex Bio non-nitrate explosive emulsions solution

Omnia Holdings has announced a strategic partnership with Sweden-based Hypex Bio Explosives Technology and the acquisition of a minority equity stake in the company.

Hypex is at the forefront of innovative and sustainable civil explosives solutions and has developed a ground-breaking emulsion using hydrogen peroxide (HP), offering substantially enhanced environmental benefits compared with conventional products, the company says.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both Omnia and Hypex as it will notably enhance the ongoing development and commercial rollout of Hypex’s HP emulsion technology in key markets. Additionally, it provides Omnia, the parent company of global blasting solutions provider BME, with access to state-of-the-art technology.

Omnia, in conjunction with BME, has established a reputation for its dedication to innovation and market-driven product solutions. Extending its services across Africa, Australasia, North America and Brazil, BME offers cutting-edge products and services at every stage in the mining explosives and blasting solutions supply chain, using technology to maximise safety and minimise environmental impact.

Seelan Gobalsamy, CEO of Omnia, said: “Hypex is a good strategic fit for BME and aligns with Omnia’s sustainability and high-growth objectives, including pollution and CO2 reduction. Hypex has developed the first non-nitrate explosive emulsions in the market and reduced the carbon content by 90% over traditional sources. This technology has the potential to completely change the explosives supply industry.”

Ralf Hennecke, Managing Director of BME, said: “As one of the largest explosives and blasting solutions suppliers on the African continent, BME is pursuing a globalisation strategy which is optimally aligned to the sustainable, nitrate-free emulsion technology offered by Hypex.”

Hypex’s experience in rapid yet safe development cycles, combined with the company’s proven track record in commercialisation activities, will use the proceeds from this transaction to further strengthen the organisation and invest in accelerated growth.

Thomas Gustavsson, CEO of Hypex, said: “We are thrilled to announce the partnership with Omnia, and I am very happy to have not only an ideal investor on board but also a company whose culture is well aligned with ours. I foresee significant synergies and accelerated accomplishments as a direct result. The team and I are grateful for the hard work done by both sides to accomplish this deal.”

This partnership agreement aligns seamlessly with Omnia’s capital allocation framework of adding new revenue streams in future high-growth international markets while maintaining a diversified and cash-generative business, improving the group’s competitive advantage and resilience given anticipated market changes, and aligning with its sustainability journey, it says.

Gobalsamy concluded: “As a responsible industry leader, we are committed to sustainable innovation and the responsible use of chemicals for the health, safety and well-being of our planet and its people. Our partnership with Hypex strengthens our ability to develop and distribute eco-friendly products and technologies and is testament to our purpose of creating a greener and safer future for all.”