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Centennial Coal looks for efficiency and transparency boost from Icertis platform

Australia mining company, Centennial Coal, has selected the Icertis Contract Management (ICM) cloud-based platform to streamline its contracting process while driving efficiency and transparency across its operations, according to the enterprise contract management firm.

The ICM platform will play a key role in accelerating buy-side contracting, improving Centennial’s compliance and optimising its commercial mining contractors’ on-site performance, according to Icertis.

“Increasing transparency into the contracting process will also improve Centennial’s efficiency by flagging contract expirations and giving the company the ability to properly plan for upcoming projects,” it added.

Centennial’s Group Manager Contracts and Procurement, Colleen Bastow, said: “Employing over 1,600 people and operating five underground mines in New South Wales, we require a contract management solution that helps us to meet our business goal of financial and operational excellence. The ICM platform will equip us with a fully-automated solution for enterprise contract management that turns static contracts into strategic assets.”

According to Icertis, Centennial selected ICM because it offered a standardised platform that seamlessly integrated with its existing systems. “The ICM platform’s scalability and ease of use will also help to accelerate adoption, collaboration and velocity to gain better control of contracting processes.”

Samir Bodas, CEO and Co-founder of Icertis, said: “Icertis has committed to increasing its presence in Australia and New Zealand by expanding our team and offerings to serve our rapidly growing customer list. The region has a large mining presence and we’re thrilled that our dedication to this region has delivered our newest customer, Centennial Coal, a company striving to offer a sustainable approach to mining. The ICM platform enables Centennial to gain full visibility into contract milestones, contractual commitments and obligations – equipping the company with tools to deliver even greater value to its customers.”

Centennial supplies coal to support 40% of New South Wales coal-fired electricity generating capacity alongside a successful export business, according to Icertis.