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Westgold and K2fly to collaborate on Infoscape software developments

K2fly says Westgold Resources has agreed to a new long-term contract to use its existing Infoscope software and partner with K2fly to develop additional enhancements to the software with a view to integrating its tenement and title’s management applications.

Additional overlays of the software include royalties, contracts, permits, licensing, and environmental and stakeholder management to provide a consolidated management tool.

InfoScope provides a single, spatially integrated solution to manage information relating to land access and compliance across multiple industries, according to K2fly. It delivers effective stakeholder, tenement, cultural heritage, native title and environmental management along with a full life-cycle ground disturbance process.

Westgold operates three gold production hubs in the Murchison Region of Western Australia, according to K2fly.

“Known as one of the largest regional consolidations within the gold sector, the group manages over 350 titles and a complex web of resources, road and infrastructure networks, licences, permits, service contracts and stakeholder engagements,” the company added.

Westgold’s Executive Chairman, Peter Cook, said: “We have long been looking for a land management system that expands beyond the traditional mining title area and enables us to integrate the multitude of layers associated and attached to our titles to an interactive and linked solution. Our industry needs a solution that enables us to operate faster and more efficiently in these areas.”

Nic Pollock, K2fly Chief Commercial Officer, said Westgold was “more than a customer”.

“They are actively partnering with K2fly and contributing to the further development of our land management solutions in a very meaningful way, assisting us to improve and expand our market offering.”