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Insig Tech and Ampcontrol broaden Western Australia service offering

Insig Technologies says it is partnering with the Ampcontrol Group of Companies to establish a service centre in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, to support, repair and service Ampcontrol products for the Western Australia market.

Insig Technologies will also be a distributor for the Ampcontrol multifunction outlet starter, Rockstarter, for underground hard-rock mining, tunnelling and other industrial applications.

In late May, Insig Technologies and Ampcontrol signed a memorandum of understanding to establish the foundation for the partnership and have now advanced the new association to service market and customer needs.

“We believe the partnership will further enhance Insig Technologies offerings in the underground mining electrical services domain and provide a one-stop-shop for Ampcontrol customers in Western Australia,” Insig said. “We look forward to working with existing and new Ampcontrol customers under this new partnership arrangement.”

Ampcontrol says its Rockstarter is a multifunction outlet starter that, compared with traditional starters, has been custom engineered, designed and built for specific applications. It controls a single power outlet, rated up to 250 A/1.1 kV and incorporates an integrally designed circuit breaker, contactor and all protection electronics into a single unit.

“The versatile unit can be re-used for a wide range of applications, including all normal pump, fan and drill rig applications,” the company said. “The Rockstarter can also be scaled to suit specific applications, allowing multiple units to be connected in a series to supply all active operations in an area.”

RUC, InSig go remote at Mount Morgans with Epiroc jumbo

RUC and its technology partner, InSig Technologies, have successfully deployed their first remote controlled underground jumbo drill from surface.

The achievement, made with an Epiroc S2 Jumbo at the Dacian Gold-owned Mount Morgans underground mine in Western Australia, will provide the contractor with the ability to drill for longer and take better advantage of the dead time over shift change, it said.

“The technology, combined with long life drill bits and existing OEM technology on the rigs, such as auto drill, will result in massive gains in productivity, predictable drilling and more cuts per week,” RUC said. “RUC believes they could gain up to five extra cuts per week drilling in ideal conditions.”

The surface remote-controlled Epiroc S2 jumbo via a retrofitted bespoke control system represents “a first”, the company added. It follows the installation of a reliable underground Wi-Fi network at the mine.

In addition, InSig Technologies have already started development on conversion packages for the Epiroc Simba S7 and Epiroc Simba E7 platforms, RUC reported.

“This technology runs on the same universal network that is used for our communications, environmental monitoring, remote loaders and control systems,” the company explained.

“RUC would like to thank InSig Technologies for their continued support in advancing RUC’s vision of becoming the next-gen leader in digital mines and the most advanced mining contractor in the game,” it added.

InSig Technologies’ Smart Gas solution reduces re-entry times at Mount Morgans

InSig Technologies says it and its partner company, RUC Cementation Mining, have successfully installed and commissioned its Smart Gas monitoring solution at the Mount Morgans underground operation in Western Australia.

This solution incorporates several fixed gas monitoring stations situated strategically throughout the underground mine, with these stations providing real-time gas level readouts to the control room located on the surface, it said.

It follows on the heels of InSig Technologies installing an underground Wi-Fi network at the mine in the March quarter, which it and RUC said could then lead to a ventilation on demand solution with the ability to monitor air quality from the surface.

The Smart Gas monitoring solution provides RUC, which provides full underground services to the mine, with another level of comfort and safety knowing personnel are not operating in a hazardous environment throughout the shift, InSig says. “It also allows for quicker re-entry times and staged re-entry to the underground mine workings by eliminating the requirement for personnel to physically check each level is clear before opening the workings.”

While it is early days for the system, re-entry times have already come down by 10%, according to InSig.

Mount Morgans, owned by Dacian Gold, consists of the Jupiter Mine Area open pit and the Westralia underground mine. The latter mined 200,775 t at 2.9 g/t Au for 18,409 oz contained during the March quarter.