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IntelliSense.io joins OTCSA to help tackle cyber security issues in mining

IntelliSense.io has joined the Operational Technology Cyber Security Alliance (OTCSA) to further its aim of providing miners with a safer future with secure optimisation technology that can leverage both operational technology (OT) and cloud environments.

IntelliSense.io has been securely deploying artificial intelligence-based based process optimisation applications on OT networks for its customers globally and, it says, has a future-proof platform.

The OTCSA aims to bridge any dangerous gaps in security for OT and information technology (IT) systems, critical infrastructure and industrial control systems to support and improve the daily lives of citizens and workers in a rapidly evolving world, IntelliSense.io says.

“The convergence of OT and IT networks is exposing industrial control, protection and automation systems to external threats, as seen in the recent past with malwares like Triton, that attacked an oil and gas plant, and in Ukraine, that had its power grid taken down by a cyberattack,” Dr Sandro Barros, CTO, IntelliSense.io, said. “IntelliSense.io has extensive experience on the deployment of AI applications within OT/IT networks and is eager to add its expertise to developing best practices for secure and reliable solutions for the mining industry.”

Elad Ben-Meir, Executive Board Member of the OTCSA and CEO of SCADAfence, said: “We welcome intelliSense.io as the newest member to the OTCSA. As we witness more and more attacks on critical infrastructure, and predictions by Gartner that 75% of CEOs will be personally liable for cyber-physical security incidents by 2024, there is no doubt that the collaboration like we have in OTCSA is the key to success.”

The OTCSA mission is five-fold:

  • Strengthen cyber-physical risk posture of OT environments and interfaces for OT/IT interconnectivity;
  • Guide OT operators on how to protect their OT infrastructure based on a risk management process and reference architectures/designs that are demonstrably compliant with regulations and international standards such as IEC 62443;
  • Guide OT suppliers on secure OT system architectures, relevant interfaces and security functionalities;
  • Support the procurement, development, installation, operation, maintenance, and implementation of a safer, more secure critical infrastructure; and
  • Shorten the time to adoption of safer, more secure critical infrastructures.

The robust security guidelines of the OTCSA which IntelliSense.io will contribute to, cover the entire mining life cycle – procurement, development, deployment, installation, operation, maintenance and decommission – and address aspects related to people, process, and technology.

OTCSA promotes collaboration among leading IT and OT companies, thought leaders in the cybersecurity community, and vendors and OT operators from a variety of industries. Membership is open to any company that operates critical infrastructure or general OT systems to run its business as well as companies providing IT and OT solutions.

Diversus secures new IT contract with Rio Tinto

Diversus says it has secured a new IT contract with Rio Tinto, which will see it form part of the global miner’s ‘APAC West IT Vendor Ecosphere Consultancy Panel’ to provide high-quality technology and IT services.

The contract provides Diversus the opportunity to bid for Business Intelligence and Analytics, Application Services and General Consultancy against a limited number of other pre-qualified providers, it said. It consists of a three-year initial term and two-year extension period.

Diversus Director, Dien Tang, said: “We are privileged to be part of Rio Tinto’s Ecosphere Consultancy panel to provide high-quality technology and IT services. Diversus have a strong commitment to supporting local businesses and community initiatives, and it’s great to see global leaders like Rio Tinto acknowledge and support local Western Australia businesses and talent.

“It’s an exciting time for Rio Tinto and we’re proud to be partnering with them on this journey.”

Back in November, Cirrus Networks Holdings said it had entered into a new IT contract with Rio that also provided it with the opportunity to bid for IT infrastructure services against a limited number of other pre-qualified providers.

Cirrus in the Rio Tinto IT network

Cirrus Networks Holdings Limited says it has entered into a new IT contract with Rio Tinto that will provide it with the opportunity to bid for IT infrastructure services against a limited number of other pre-qualified providers.

This agreement comes on top of Rio awarding a Wi-Fi-focused contract to Swift Media at the Brockman operations and an IT supply contract to Empired.

Cirrus Managing Director, Matt Sullivan, said: “Cirrus is excited at the opportunity to collaborate with such a high-quality global organisation. We are proud that we have been able to demonstrate our capability in delivering high value solutions to the resources sector and look forward to showcasing these to Rio Tinto over the coming years.”