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Minemax to include pit optimisation, pushback generation tools in Minemax Planner 4.3.4

Minemax has released Minemax Planner 4.3.4 that now integrates both pit optimisation and pushback generation functionality in the affordable Standard Edition.

The Pushback Generation capability, which uses minimum mining width for creating practical pushbacks, was previously exclusive to the Professional Edition users.

“Adding Pushback Generation to the Standard Edition makes this strategic mine planning tool a cost-effective solution for developing optimal strategies through Pit Optimization, Nested Pit Shell Generation and Pushback Generation,” the company says. “The easy-to-use interface with guided workflows allows mine planners to keep the setup and optimisation fast and efficient without the need for additional end user training.”

Minemax CEO, Jim Butler, added: “Industry feedback tells us that Pit Optimization and Pushback Generation often go hand in hand in current mine planning practices. This is why we decided to include Pushback Generation into our more affordable edition of Minemax Planner. We believe this will help mine planners keep their strategic mine planning process smooth and efficient at an affordable price.“

In addition, Minemax Planner 4.3.4. now includes an option to automatically calculate the minimum required number of benches to look up when calculating slope precedences. This helps mine planners develop pit shells with accurately configured slopes in less time and with less effort required, the company says.