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Volvo Penta to work with OEMs, operators, fleet managers on advanced vehicle control systems

Volvo Penta has set its sights on offering the off-highway segment further productivity advancements through the delivery of advanced vehicle control systems co-developed with OEMs, operators and fleet managers.

As a start, Volvo Penta plans to engage in open conversations among its customer connections to uncover opportunities. It will work hand in hand with CPAC Systems, its subsidiary company – a provider of vehicle electronics and productivity solutions – to transform these ideas into actionable initiatives.

Volvo Penta says its established success lies in assisting customers in optimising their power solutions for efficiency, performance and profitability, while fostering a more sustainable society. It is now elevating this mission by aiming to offer advanced vehicle control systems – a robust foundation on which flexible, up-to-date, and cohesive features and interfaces can co-exist and scale seamlessly.

The goal is to unlock a realm of possibilities for OEMs spanning integrated powertrain connectivity, vehicle management, automation, fleet or site productivity enhancements and more, it says.

“We are embarking on a journey to offer OEMs a sophisticated and high-performing system on which future solutions can be collaboratively built to fill any voids in their existing systems,” Hannes Norrgren, President Volvo Penta Industrial, said. “We want to explore impactful solutions, even in unexplored areas, to support OEMs, operators and fleet owners in a meaningful way.”

While technological solutions like vehicle controls, automation and advanced analytics are readily available, creating value requires a blend of technology and domain expertise, according to Volvo Penta. This entails reimagining processes and building new capabilities, and strategic foresight in close collaboration with operators, fleet managers, OEMs and technology players, it added.

Hannes said: “Volvo Penta’s approach is not characterised by ready-made solutions but rather revolves around collaborative partnerships and meaningful dialogues, allowing us to co-develop bespoke, value-added solutions in tandem with our clients.”

Johannes Hauptmann, CEO CPAC Systems, said: “Our experience and product portfolio are valuable building blocks that can be applied in various contexts. This creates excellent avenues for cost-effective development of new solutions for the off-highway segment with short time-to-market.”

CPAC Systems’ flexible technology platform with high computing power will be the conduit for which Volvo Penta’s industrial productivity solutions can be built and optimised for off-highway needs. Volvo Penta and CPAC Systems will co-engineer solutions with the former’s customers to bring these solutions to OEMs and the market with greater speed.