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Novo Resources to take Steinert ore sorter into the field

Novo Resources says it is in advanced discussions with Steinert Australia to procure a 1 m wide KSS 100F LIXT fine mechanical sorting unit, to be deployed at its wholly-owned Purdy’s Reward and Comet Well JV gold projects, in Western Australia, during the 2020 field season.

The sorter will be manufactured by Steinert in Germany with an expected 18-week delivery time to Australia, Novo said.

Approvals are being prepared for field testing of up to 10,000 t of material from Purdy’s Reward, Comet Well, and 47K, respectively (total up to 30,000 t). Novo also plans to utilize this sorter to test field exploration samples delivered from its other projects including Egina, it said.

Field test work will be designed to better understand gold grades, the extent and location of mineralised conglomerate units, evaluate mechanical sorter gold recovery at production throughput rates and of various sorted size fractions, and provide critical input concerning operational costs, the company explained.

The company has previously carried out ore sorting test work in the lab on samples from its Reward and Comet Well JV gold projects.

Rob Humphryson, Novo’s CEO and a Director, said: “We have achieved outstanding laboratory level mechanical sorting test results utilising both Steinert and TOMRA sorters. It is now time to field test productivity and performance. This Steinert unit will be equipped with technology that is capable of testing material from all our coarse gold projects.”

Humphryson said the decision to initially deploy a Steinert unit into the field was more a reflection of “local, non-technical factors” than any distinct differentiation of capabilities between the two suppliers’ sorters.

He added: “Should field testing of mechanical sorting prove successful, it is likely that the final utilisation of this technology will involve a hybrid solution involving equipment from both suppliers. In light of this, we intend to maintain a close working relationship with both suppliers.”