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Putzmeister to reinforce underground mining expertise at Perumin 2019

Putzmeister says it is ready to show off its new developments in underground mine reinforcement at the upcoming Perumin 2019 conference, in Arequipa, September 16-20.

At this year’s event, held at the Cerro Juli Convention Center, the company is set to show off its Wetkret 4 concrete sprayer, Geokret 2.0 for concrete spraying scanning and the Mixkret 6.

One of the highlights of the Wetkret 4 (pictured) is the new side cabin with the spraying arm back, which ensures manoeuvrability of the equipment in narrow galleries.

The Wetkret 4 has two alternative spraying arms depending on the sections to be sprayed, one with 7.5 m maximum vertical range and another with a 10 m range.

The company said: “In addition, the customer can choose between the synchronised additive pump with a maximum flow of 500 litres per hour or 1,200 l/h, and optional on-board compressor of 45 kw or 55 kW.”

Developed together with Leica Geosystems, a Swiss company with close to 200 years of pioneering solutions to capture, analyse and present spacial information, Geokret 2.0 is a sprayed concrete measuring system based on high-precision 3D laser scanning.

Mounted on Putzmeister’s concrete spraying equipment, Geokret 2.0 provides real-time data on the thickness and volume of concrete required for spraying, helping achieve a uniform application. Demonstrations of this new product will be held at the Perumin stand, the company said.

“Designed for the harshest environments, it is easy to operate without the need for prior technical knowledge,” the company said. “It guarantees operator safety, avoids unnecessary costs due to wasted material and ensures the highest quality in its application.”

And, finally, the company is set to show off its growing Mixkret family at the biennial event.

The Mixkret 6 comes with the same 225 horsepower engine, chassis and FOPS/ROPS cabin as the Mixkret 5, but also includes the field experience gathered from the Mixkret 4. The robust low-profile mixer for mining has a 6 m3 concrete capacity, with the firs Mixkret 6 prototype already on the production line and set to be available in 2020.

Putzmeister said: “The Putzmeister Mixkret family are the most robust low-profile mining mixers on the market, confirmed by the 30,000 hours of operation of the Mixkret 4; the perfect complement for your Putzmeister concrete spraying equipment.”