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New lithium technology centre for Chile

Chile’s economic development agency, Corfo, has announced that the country’s first lithium technology centre will be built in the Antofagasta region.

Corfo’s Executive Vice President, Sebastián Sichel, said last week the technological institute will be tendered in the next 90 days and is expected to be operational in 2019, according to the Santiago Times.

The initial investment will come to about US$12 million, which is in line with the contract signed earlier this year between the state agency and the North America-based chemical giant Albemarle.
Corfo said the initiative was not only geared towards promoting research and innovation from the country’s lithium resources, but also encouraging the development of non-metallic mining and, in turn, further employment in Chile.

The technology centre is focused on three main developments, according to the Santiago Times. These are: energy transition, solar energy, and development of advanced materials for the lithium industry.

Chile hosts some 47% of known lithium reserves at 7.5 million tonnes, according to the USGS.