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Cat offers performance and fuel efficiency boost with new 777E haul truck

Cat has released its new 2021 Cat® 777E haul truck, a machine that, it says, features improvements in power, torque and transmission control to deliver best-in-class productivity, on top of a configurable Eco Mode operation to reduce fuel consumption and drive down cost-per-tonne of material moved.

One of the most popular trucks in its class, the new 777E offers the highest in-class payload of 98.2 t.

It comes fitted with an updated Cat C32 engine that delivers increased horsepower and a 7% improvement in torque to increase hauling performance. Optimised fuel mapping of the engine and adaptive economy mode, meanwhile, determine the most efficient operating point to improve truck fuel economy.

Additionally, operators can select a variable engine derate from 0.5% to 15% in Eco Mode operation to further reduce fuel consumption ‒ and the new automatic engine idle shutdown feature reduces fuel use and wear on engine components, Cat says.

Today’s 777E truck improves productivity by up to 5%, Cat claims.

“The new Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Strategy improves transmission and engine coordination to better utilise available engine power,” the company says. “The result is as much as 7% more torque delivered to the drive wheels for improved hauling performance. The new control system also provides smooth shifting for greater operator comfort.”

The 777E now offers a second gear start when underfoot conditions and grade allow. This feature enables the truck to reach optimum speed more quickly, lowers cycle times and minimises the number of transmission shifts. To save fuel, a new auto neutral idle tool shifts the transmission into a “neutral-like condition” when the truck is idling in drive, Cat explains. The transmission’s speed limit feature allows the machine to run at optimal gear for selected speed.

When working in cold conditions, the new auto-stall feature assists in quickly bringing the transmission to operating temperature at start-up. The effect is less non-productive time and reduced fuel consumed for warm-up, according to Cat.
The 777E also features a new gearshift lever with integrated hoist and park brake controls, which eases operation. The auto hoist feature delivers controlled truck bed descent to prevent body slams and increase component life.

A new touchscreen display features enhanced user interface options, the company says.

“Easy to read, it delivers improved navigation through machine control systems,” Cat says. “The new display allows operators to monitor key machine operating parameters, like tracking payload, as well as upcoming scheduled service intervals.”

Productivity enhancing technology

A host of newly integrated Cat technologies help to improve hauling efficiency and truck longevity on the 777E, Cat says.

The new Truck Production Management System (TPMS) integrates strut pressure sensors and on-board computing and displays truck payload to the loading machine operator. The system helps attain target payload, Cat says.

The Vital Information Management System on board the 777E allows operations to proactively manage machine health and production. Real-time machine performance, operating data and diagnostics are displayed on the in-cab monitor for easy viewing and troubleshooting. Integrated prognostics develop trends from cumulative collected operating data to help increase truck cycle efficiency.

A new “Tonne-Kilometer” feature helps ensure that truck operation falls within the operating range of the tyres. The system monitors payload, speed and ambient temperature to calculate operating conditions, and the operator receives an audible warning when conditions exceed tyre limits.

The updated 777E comes standard with Product Link™ with either cellular or satellite reporting options to meet the needs of the mine. Product Link captures critical machine operating data – location, hours, fuel, etc – and reports it back to the main office through VisionLink®, helping to improve productivity, truck use, safety and maintenance efficiency, Cat says.

Elevated safety

With integrated TPMS, the overload speed limiter works in conjunction with the improved truck payload system to automatically reduce travel speed when the truck is overloaded, according to Cat. Brake actuation is now fully hydraulic and delivers fast response and smooth application.

The new adjustable mirror package for the 777E improves rear visibility for the operator. An optional camera system delivers enhanced visibility for the operator to the machine’s front, rear and sides with the video feed displayed on the in-cab monitor.

Engine crank and machine lockouts disable the engine starter/secondary steering and implements to improve servicing safety, meanwhile. Lockout engagement is conveniently located at ground level and an indicator light display ensures lockout is effectively engaged, Cat says.

The new optional automatic lubrication system provides grease for all lube points on the machine, eliminating the need for manual intervention. The tank fill-point is conveniently located at ground level to improve refilling simplicity and enhance safety, the company added.

Weir Minerals looks to keep slurry moving with new lubrication system

Weir Minerals has announced the global launch of a new lubrication system that, it says, can prevent bearing assembly failures, reduce maintenance downtime and promote safety.

The launch of Accumin™ lubricators follows international demand for the grease lubrication that has been ensuring optimal performance for equipment such as Warman® slurry pumps in Asia Pacific since 2014, Weir said.

Across more than 100 sites, the Accumin lubrication system has proven itself an efficient way of preventing expensive bearing assembly failures, reducing maintenance downtime and promoting safety by decreasing the amount of manual interface to keep equipment performing, the company said.

Making the move to Accumin lubricators helped one Australia iron ore mine save almost A$120,000/y ($73,705/y) in downtime reduction, pump rebuilds and bearing assembly replacements, Weir explained.

Michael Roinich, Accumin Specialist, Weir Minerals, said: “At Weir Minerals, we make the market-leading slurry pump for mining applications, but we can’t always control what happens when it gets to site. Between dust, overflow and gland seal leaks, lubrication is a vital tool in the constant battle to keep machinery going. Having an Accumin lubrication system fitted prevents over and under greasing, protects equipment from bearing failures and frees up man hours for more critical tasks.

“When we offer Weir Minerals equipment with an Accumin lubrication system installed, what we’re really doing is giving that equipment its best shot at a long and productive working life.”

Made in Germany, Accumin canisters are produced in 125 cm³ gas driven; 120 cm³, 250 cm³ and 500 cm³ electro-mechanically driven configurations, and can be deployed up to five metres away from the lubrication point, allowing easy and efficient access to the mount, Weir says. The electro-mechanical driven lubricator dispenses a consistent dosage of lubricant, regardless of ambient temperature. The system delivers 6 bar of operating pressure and can be monitored via an LCD display, flashing LED alert system and a transparent grease cartridge.

Roinich added: “Designed to meet the arduous demands of the mining industry, Accumin single-point lubricators set the global standard for lubricating Warman pumps and other grease-lubricated, mission-critical mining equipment supplied by Weir Minerals.

“We’re excited to share our market-leading, best-practice system with mines around the world who are embracing new technologies to simplify their operations.”

Graco provides ‘right-sized’ automatic lubrication system

Graco Inc has launched a new automatic lubrication system specifically designed for heavy-duty earth-moving machines in extreme work environments.

The Compact Dyna-Star® (CDS) lubrication system offers the power and performance needed for the toughest users and markets, according to the company, adding that it also has a smaller footprint and is priced to fit customer needs.

It builds on the company’s range of fluid transfer, lubrication, cleaning, painting, coating and insulation products for the mining sector.

“When paired with Graco’s new innovative Bluetooth-enabled GLC™ X controller and Auto Lube™ app, maintenance crews can monitor system performance, receive alerts, and adjust configurations from their smartphone or tablet,” the company said.

Dan Jensen, Graco’s Lubrication Equipment Division Global Product Marketing Manager, said: “The Compact Dyna-Star system is the latest offering in our comprehensive portfolio of automatic lubrication systems. Built tough like our Electric Dyna-Star pump, the CDS fits into tighter spots and meets tighter budgets. Finally, there’s a rugged ‘right-sized’ automatic lubrication system.”

A Maintenance Manager that tested the product said: “We’re impressed by how easy the Compact Dyna-Star automatic lubrication system is to fill with grease and how the pump shuts off when full. We appreciate the higher volume output per minute with the motor running less frequently, and how the smaller pump footprint enhances safety by taking up less room on the walking deck.”

Graco will be showing off the Compact Dyna-Star system at the upcoming CONEXPO-CON/AGG show from March 10-14, 2020.

SKF and NLS collaborating in Namibia mining market

SKF has appointed a new authorised distributor in Namibia as it looks to grow its network to deliver “innovative bearing and rotation technology solutions to customers across the sub-continent”, Christian Murman, SKF South Africa’s Business Development Manager – Neighbouring Countries, says.

Namibian Lubrication Systems (NLS), which specialises in the supply of lubrication equipment and systems to the industrial and mining sectors across the entire Erongo, Khomas, Karas and Otjozondjupa regions of Namibia, has been an SKF authorised distributor since September 2019.

The company was established by André Bezuidenhout in Oranjemund in 2000 and, in the same year, it was appointed as the sole distributor for Lincoln Lubrication South Africa, part of the SKF global group. NLS also holds the title as the only company in Namibia qualified to service and repair all Lincoln Lubrication equipment.

Murman explains how SKF and NLS have been collaborating since being the Namibia-based company came on board as an authorised distributor: “While calling on customers together with our new authorised distributor, we received an enquiry from a gold mine for a replacement bearing for their stock for an upcoming project in Q1 (March quarter) 2020.”

The gold mine shared a long history with NLS and Lincoln products giving the company an in-depth knowledge of the operation, SKF said.

“But, as a newly appointed SKF authorised dealer, NLS was still on a learning curve regarding SKF products and thus decided to call upon the expertise of SKF’s Engineering Department. Cody Petersen, Junior Project Engineer at SKF, was considered as the best person to assist in making this project a bonafide success.”

After putting heads together, the SKF 4176 ECAK30/C3W33 replacement bearing was recommended. NLS submitted a quote and, after a follow-up call, the mine placed the order in November.

This successful project and collaboration between the companies affirms SKF’s decision to appoint NLS as an authorised distributor, SKF said.

“The company has an excellent footprint within the country, boasts a stellar reputation for on-site service and has technicians on contract at most of the mines in Namibia who look after Lincoln products,” Murman said.

Now, as a SKF authorised distributor, NLS is responsible for delivering the comprehensive SKF product and service portfolio in Namibia focusing on a condition monitoring service delivered by the company’s technicians who have been specifically trained in this field.

“NLS’ ultimate goal is to have multi-skilled technicians that are able to offer customers a complete maintenance package, thereby securing all the Lincoln Lubrication and SKF product offerings,” SKF said.

Murman concluded: “The success of this project solidifies our position as a powerhouse duo in the Namibian mining space. Furthermore, this agreement enables us to leverage off our Lincoln Distributor’s excellent reputation in the local market.

“When customers can see the real value that our authorised dealers add to their mine, plant or operation and realise that they are able to rely on their expertise, it becomes a win-win scenario.”

SKF to help customers transition to condition-based monitoring practices

SKF, a global supplier of bearings, seals, mechatronics and lubrication systems, has released a new digital vibration monitoring solution that, it says, allows industrial businesses to adopt smart condition-based maintenance practices.

SKF Enlight ProCollect is a new portable solution for customers after a condition-based maintenance procedure, or those seeking to extend their machine monitoring programs to a wider range of assets, it said.

The solution incorporates an updated version of SKF’s QuickCollect hand-held sensor, together with the new mobile app, SKF ProCollect. Running on a standard iOS or Android device, ProCollect has been designed to simplify the collection, interpretation and communication of both operational and machine condition data, according to SKF. Furthermore, the new software links to SKF Enlight Centre – SKF’s advanced, web-based monitoring platform.

“Enlight ProCollect is easy for non-specialists to use, allowing frontline operators and maintenance personnel to incorporate vibration monitoring tasks into their everyday activities,” SKF said.

“For example, pre-programmed inspection routes can be downloaded from Enlight Centre to a ProCollect device, which will then guide the operator through the steps necessary to collect data. That data is then transferred automatically to the Enlight Centre platform, where it can be analysed and visualised.”

Enlight ProCollect comes equipped with pre-programmed alarms to help operators and maintenance staff to diagnose and fix common problems. The visualisation capabilities of the Enlight Centre platform, meanwhile, allow companies to generate dashboards that provide an overview of plant performance.

Maintenance teams can use the platform’s suite of advanced tools to spot trends, diagnose problems and conduct root-cause analyses, according to SKF. Users also have the option of a connection to SKF Remote Diagnostic Services, giving them access to the company’s global network of reliability experts.

Enlight ProCollect customers can opt to buy the solution outright or choose a subscription approach that provides all the hardware, software and support services they need for a fixed monthly fee, according to SKF.

Barrie Rodgers Product Line Manager, Mobile Solutions at SKF, said: “Our subscription model allows companies to shift the cost of maintenance program improvements from capex to opex. They can easily extend their agreement to include other equipment and services – such as bearings or lubrication.”

SKF acquires cleantech company focused on industrial lubrication

SKF, a global supplier of bearings, seals, mechatronics, lubrication systems, and services, has acquired RecondOil Sweden AB, cleantech company that has developed a chemical filtration and rejuvenation process for industrial lubrication fluid and slop oil.

The acquisition is set to strengthen SKF’s lubrication management business and rotating equipment performance offering, the company said, adding that RecondOil posted turnover of SEK10 million (1.06 million) in 2017.

Alrik Danielson, President and CEO of SKF, said: “This acquisition is a good strategic fit for us. It complements our existing offer around the rotating shaft and will strengthen our ability to offer customers a fee-based value proposition, in which lubrication management systems play an important role.

“The acquisition is also in-line with our ambition to develop and offer solutions that help customers reduce the environmental impact of their own operations. By bringing together RecondOil’s technology with SKF’s scope and industrial expertise, we will be able to industrialise this offering.”