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TLT-Turbo breathes new life into ventilation fans

TLT-Turbo GmbH has launched a new range of mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) fans with ceramic hybrid bearings that, it says, provide an exceptionally long operational lifespan.

Integrating the latest ventilation technologies, this fan offers numerous advantages regarding performance efficiency, maintenance and reliability, according to the ventilation fans and systems manufacturer.

The TLT-Turbo fan for MVR has been in development since 2012 since the first case studies were carried out, the company says.

“Following intensive discussions with clients, TLT-Turbo established that a need existed for low maintenance MVR fans,” TLT-Turbo says. “This was followed by four years of intensive research, product testing and consultations with clients. The first MVR fans were rolled out in 2016 while continual product improvement has remained a focus area for TLT-Turbo.”

Mario Schmidt, Head of TLT-Turbo Global Vapor Fans business segment, said: “MVR fans have been available on the market for some time but instead of just following the trend, TLT-Turbo took time to ensure that we came to the market with a completely new, state of the art MVR solution. And we continue to have ongoing discussions and feedback exchanges with our clients worldwide in order to continuously adapt and improve our MVR offering to their requirements.”

According to Schmidt, the features of TLT-Turbo’s MVR fan, such as the lower maintenance requirements and the introduction of hybrid ceramic bearings, underscores the company’s commitment to developing products in close alignment with clients. “It also speaks to TLT-Turbo’s key objective for continual innovation,” the company said.

The hybrid ceramic bearings are one of the key differentiators of the TLT-Turbo MVR fan, according to Schmidt.

“Our clients are amazed by the possibility of a hybrid bearing operating at high speed without circulating oil,” he said. “Conventional roller bearings do not provide the required support for operating the fan in a broad operational speed range without running into harmful resonance frequencies (under critical operation).

“Thanks to continuous enhancement in recent years, especially through the use of ceramic materials, more effective roller bearings are available today. The use of hybrid bearings with steel rings combined with ceramic rollers has been established in many industrial applications and, in the case of the TLT-Turbo MVR fan, hybrid ceramic bearings mean significantly lower maintenance requirements and better operational performance.”

The hybrid ceramic bearings used in TLT-Turbo MVR fans are lifetime greased and can be operated for up to 10 years without requiring maintenance, according to the company. “To enhance this benefit for clients, TLT-Turbo introduced an additional device to the fan’s design that allows for the bearing to be re-greased from the outside in order to further simplify maintenance and to increase the fans’ service life.”

High motor speeds, a wide range of optimised impellers and the ability to work under high temperature are some of the other traits of the MVR fans. “These factors allow for operation of the fan below critical speed which ensures both reliability and safe operation,” the company said.

Schmidt added: “Reliability and safety are key concerns for our clients and TLT-Turbo has addressed this in the MVR fan by using high-quality components. Thanks to the use of the hybrid bearings, no oil supply or oil pump is necessary which means that no oil can contaminate the product. In addition to this, the fan also features temperature and vibration monitoring and remote monitoring of the bearing is possible as well. Our entire manufacturing process is carried out according to all major quality standards, including DIN ISO 9001.”

The TLT-Turbo MVR fan is suited to numerous applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, waste water treatment, and the organic natural product production industries as well as in the food and beverage process and manufacturing sectors.

“Since 2018, we have received 35 orders for MVR fans across the globe with one installation completed. Thus far, the feedback from clients has been very positive. We have received reports that the bearing temperature is considerable lower than that of other comparable MVR fans and that our fan runs with less vibration than other MVR fans,” Schmidt said.

“Overall, TLT-Turbo’s objective was to offer our clients a MVR solution that would outperform what was currently available on the market. We have delivered a fan that requires less maintenance while providing high efficiency and reliability. This is exactly what clients would expect from TLT-Turbo as a world class fan manufacturer and global service organisation.”