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Track’em looks to drive further material tracking efficiencies in mining

Track’em Pty has released the latest version of its Materials Tracking platform, taking on board years of “best practices from successful roll-outs in the field”, Kashif Saleem, founder and CEO, says.

The platform allows customers to manage materials and their logistics across the supply chain, according to the Perth-based company.

It provides project-wide visibility of construction materials and parts and digitises critical material handling processes, the company says. Designed specifically for large construction, mining, oil and gas projects, it increases productivity and decreases project delays, Track’em claims.

Saleem explained: “Materials generally account for at least 50% of construction project costs. Yet, often there is no central materials tracking system that allows asset owners, construction companies, EPCs, suppliers and contractors to work collaboratively ensuring the right materials are at the right location at the right time at the right quantity and quality. Our platform has evolved tremendously over time and is now used by more departments within our clients including procurement, logistics and expediting.”

The Track’em Materials mobile apps empower users in the field to quickly locate and identify items and digitise paper processes, it said. The browser-based desktop version allows for advanced material control processing, dashboards and reporting.

“The platform is built entirely on Microsoft Azure, guaranteeing scalability on a trusted environment that is backed by industry certifications for security and compliance,” the company said.

Track’em’s Project Manager, Matt Ward, says the company has listened to customer feedback and applied knowledge from its internal industry experts to create this update.

“Many stakeholders are involved as materials get requested, fabricated, transported, installed, inspected and maintained,” he said. “Track’em Materials is centred around process optimisation and quality assurance during this lifecycle, giving customers continuous insight into the location, status and custodian of all their materials.

“Additionally, we are hardware agnostic, meaning we integrate with any IoT tracking identification technology such as barcodes, RFID, GPS, Bluetooth, etc. This enables clients to have complete visibility and control.”

Mark McIntyre, Global VP of Sales, said customers using the Materials Tracking platform have experienced significant time and costs savings by avoiding wasted time and money looking for and reordering misplaced components.

He added: “Product improvement will remain a spearhead at Track’em and we will continue to focus on enhancing our entire product suite for tracking materials, assets and time to drive efficiency in construction, mining, oil and gas.”