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PETRA creates new portal for pit-to-port, mine-to-mill optimisation software

PETRA has launched a new portal for its MAXTA suite of pit-to-port and mine-to-mill optimisation software applications as it looks to provide further “mining value chain optimisation” across the sector.

MAXTA Portal supports customers by providing a single log-in access to all their models across multiple operations and along the entire value chain, the company says.

MAXTA software allows engineers to predict, simulate and optimise mining processes. By virtually “re-mining” the orebody, MAXTA machine-learning models provide high accuracy inputs to mine planning (eg dig rates, crusher downtime and throughputs), while the mathematical optimisation layer shows drill and blast engineers and metallurgists which design and setpoints provide the best performance for the specific ore being blasted, or processed, PETRA says.

“A major challenge with mine-to-mill and pit-to-port in mining in the past has been sustaining the value generation beyond six months to a year,” PETRA said. “MAXTA software is a packaged, supported and contextualised solution for mine-to-mill and pit-to-port value chain optimisation. It is designed to support operations by working seamlessly with existing day-to-day workflows and integrates with widely used mine planning and processing applications.”

PETRA claims to be the first company to deliver a software solution addressing this challenge, with MAXTA now delivering “huge value” to mining companies and being used every day by engineers on site.

In response to the need for larger, more complex mining value chain optimisation PETRA recently launched an all-new portal for MAXTA at a launch event in Perth, Western Australia.

MAXTA Portal features an updated way to access all MAXTA Suite applications which build mine-to-mill and pit-to-port value generation into operations, PETRA says.

“Designed with the engineer in mind, it’s modern human-centric user interface is fluid and intuitive,” the company added.

“What this means for users is a more streamlined and efficient experience which can be easily applied across very large, very complex operations,” PETRA said. “MAXTA applications within the suite are capable of fast, accurate predictions, block by block, for an entire orebody and how the downstream value chain processes will behave for various geologies. MAXTA offers one interface for all users across the value chain to target specific areas or processes, even across multiple sites.”

The MAXTA launch also saw the user interface for MAXTAGeomet and MAXTADrill&Blast updated to provide more visualisation and interaction with data, the company said. All MAXTA applications are also now integrated closely with Maptek’s Vulcan mine planning software to facilitate easy and accurate use of the MAXTA results in day-to-day planning, design and decision making, PETRA added.