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Metso Outotec improves process audits and production transparency with new sampler

Metso Outotec says it is launching a versatile Linear Metallurgical Sampler (LMS) to enable the measurement of material balances as well as reporting to investors and other stakeholders in compliance with AMIRA P754 and other sampling standards.

The solution facilitates integration with Metso Outotec Courier® online analysers to further improve process control, it added.

Integration of online analysers will enable different types of sampling data to be combined for production analysis purposes, according to the company. By combining process history data with different process scenarios, the process control philosophy can be quickly adapted according to the ore type being processed, for instance. This enables improvement of production predictability and control of metallurgical mass balance, Metso Outotec says.

A single LMS unit can collect multiple metallurgical samples to suit different production reporting and management purposes, with each sample having its own timing and the system able to manage multiple buckets. A simultaneous flexible spot sample can also be taken without any system changes, according to the company.

On top of this, LMS offers improved production predictability and control of metallurgical mass balance, and reduced need for manual laboratory assays.

Tapio Korpela, Product Manager, Samplers, Separation at Metso Outotec, said: “The Linear Metallurgical Sampler incorporates versatile functions to monitor both sampling integrity and sample quality. Its self-diagnostic and self-cleaning system ensures representative metallurgical samples for improved process audits and production transparency. Maintenance personnel can use self-diagnostics and reporting data to enhance predictive maintenance and spares management strategies.”