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Zero emission haul truck developments on the IMARC 2023 agenda

IMARC 2023 is off to a bang, with two of the first keynote interviews – featuring speakers from Fortescue and BHP – kicking off what is expected to be a constant flurry of mining technology news.

During a Mining Keynote Interview, titled, ‘The Reshaping of the Fortescue Business: A Showcase of the Past, Present and Future of the Mining and Resources’ Industry,’ Dino Otranto (pictured on the right), CEO of Fortescue, talked up the mining company’s ‘Real Zero’ terrestrial emissions (Scope 1 and 2) 2030 aim.

Speaking to Jennifer Hewett (pictured on the left), National Affairs Columnist, The Australian Financial Review, Otranto highlighted the recent arrival of the first 240-t-class Liebherr Mining T 264 trucks at its Eliwana iron ore mining site in the Pilbara of Western Australia, which is expected to be converted to Fortescue’s in-house battery solution developed by WAE in the near term.

Looking further out, Otranto said the company’s first zero emission fleet at Eliwana was expected to be “on parity” with the diesel haulage equivalent from a cost and productivity perspective. “In the future, they could be even more productive,” he added.

Fortescue is currently working on a number of “zero emission” solutions across its mining operations – battery-electric and green hydrogen, among them – and Otranto said the company was confident that the electric powertrain is “the future”, with the system that generates the power to supply this being “agnostic”.

“In the future, we will not be beholden by the OEM and a single product,” he said, explaining that the captive energy source tied to where the resources and reserves were located would play a crucial role in the chosen system.

Soon after Otranto left the stage, Hewett was joined by James Agar, Group Procurement Officer at BHP, for another keynote interview, titled ‘The Importance of Supplier and Community Partnerships to Create Value’.

Agar was quick to pick up from where Otranto left off, referencing the company’s own zero-emission haulage plans, which included the expected rollout of a zero emissions truck at its operations next year. The company has previously signalled that a Cat Early Learner battery truck could come arrive for trials at its operations in 2024.

Alongside this, Agar referenced ongoing work with Bridgestone and Michelin related to battery-electric haul truck developments.

“We have realised that if we reduce the rolling resistance of tyres by 1-2%, it can have a big impact on battery life,” he said. “Equally, these trucks are going to be able to travel at faster speeds, so tyre life will be affected. This is another area we are studying.”

Michelin completes 49 in tyre portfolio with XD MINEWORKS

Michelin North America has introduced a new 49 in (1,245 mm) tyre for 100 ton (91 t) mining and quarry dump trucks that, it says, addresses the aggressive everyday needs of operators in North America.

The MICHELIN® XD MINEWORKS 27.00R49 is specifically designed for dependable performance, the company says.

Sarah Robinson, Michelin North America’s B2B Mining Marketing Manager, said: “Michelin has a strong heritage when it comes to supporting mines, quarries and contractors. Developed by a team of global experts, the MICHELIN XD MINEWORKS tyre is built with high-quality innovations that customers know and trust.”

MICHELIN XD MINEWORKS tyres are designed with a new tread pattern and tread depth to deliver even wear on hard soil and a worry-free product experience, according to Michelin. They use the latest mining tyre design principles, which means the incorporation of advanced casing and high-wear resistance compound technologies for surface mining tyres to handle heavy loads at lower pressure. They are designed as a good balance between tonne-kilometres/h and wear resistance, Michelin says.

Thanks to tough cables and innovative architecture, the MICHELIN XD MINEWORKS tyre allows operators to run with less pressure than competitor tyres for the same load. This feature, in particular, can deliver big benefits for the operator and the equipment, Michelin says.

The non-directional, 66 mm tread (designed for minimal rotation) minimises stone retention, while the tyre has the same Michelin manufacturing warranty as all of its mining tyres.

With the introduction of the 2-star MICHELIN XD MINEWORKS, Michelin offers a complete 49 in tyre portfolio. This also includes the 3-star MICHELIN XDR® 3 tyre that maximises productivity and tyre life and the 3-star MICHELIN XDGRIP tyre that is for the most challenging loose surface conditions.

Komatsu 930E-5 haul trucks to have Michelin MEMS factory installed option

Michelin and Komatsu America Corp have announced a joint program to offer the MICHELIN® MEMS® 4 (Michelin Earthmover Management System) as a factory-installed option on select electric-drive trucks manufactured at the Komatsu facility in Peoria, Illinois.

The most widely used tyre-monitoring system in the world, according to Michelin, the MEMS system can be found in thousands of rigid dump trucks around the world.

Komatsu’s 930E-5 mining truck will be the first available model with MEMS4 as an option, with other models to follow, Michelin said. Komatsu will factory-install the MEMS4 transceiver, antennas and related harnesses, with MEMS4 integrated with the current existing electronic display panel. Michelin will coordinate installation of the sensors in the tyres at the customer’s site.

“In an effort to better serve our common customers, Michelin and Komatsu have signed the first OEM fitment agreement for MEMS4,” said Bruce Brackett, Senior Vice President, Michelin Global Mining business line. “The benefit for the mining customer is the integration of the tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and the truck at the factory. With MEMS4, the customer receives a complete monitoring platform for tyres, site conditions and productivity gains as soon as the new equipment arrives at the site.”

Originally launched in 2006, the current MEMS4 version provides:

  • Increased safety and tyre life;
  • Reduced unscheduled downtime, tyre budgets and maintenance costs;
  • Reduced fuel consumption and improve truck availability; and
  • Savings on on-site pressure check labour.

Dan Funcannon, Vice President and General Manager, Komatsu Large Mining Truck Division, said: “As a leader in innovative technology, Komatsu and our partners develop the best technological solutions that enable our customers to improve safety, performance and reduce the cost per tonne.

“Integrating MEMS4 at the factory level ensures that the product is subjected to our rigorous quality process and provides a seamless experience for the customer.”

This factory-installed system captures real-time tyre temperatures, pressures and mapping for proactive fleet management, according to Michelin. Using GPS and accelerometers, a sensor installed in the tyre sends critical tyre-related data to alert operators online, via email or by SMS to laptops, tablets or smartphones. Each truck is geo-localised on a map in real time.

A data-capture tool and mobile-device connection transfers information via Ethernet or 3G to cloud storage, with data reported to dispatchers to provide tyre performance and anomalies.

Michelin said: “With MEMS4, downtime can be anticipated and avoided through detection of critical events. An inflation monitor compensates tyre-pressure limits for ambient temperature; therefore, when tyre temperatures change, operators can know immediately if there is an alert and change routes. Maintenance operations can be anticipated, and useless stops can be avoided.

Michelin will continue to offer MEMS4 as an aftermarket offering for trucks already in operation, it said.

Seven and counting for Michelin XDR3 haul truck tyres

Michelin North America has introduced a new size of MICHELIN® XDR® 3 haul tyres as it looks to, it says, address the productivity and endurance issues found in today’s surface mines.

The XDR3, Michelin’s most popular surface mine tyre, the company says, was developed for a range of rigid dump trucks with payload capacities up to 400 tons (363 t). The new 37.00R57 size not only expands the MICHELIN XDR3 portfolio to seven sizes, but also replaces the MICHELIN XDR2 line, it said.

Jake Thompson, Michelin North America’s B2B Mining Marketing Manager, said: “Michelin provides solutions that support safety improvements, operational cost reductions and innovation at mines worldwide. This new tyre combines the latest technologies from the 200 professionals working at our R&D centre.”

The latest release comes less than four months after Michelin North America released the 27.00R49 size XDR3.

Tested under extreme conditions before its launch, the MICHELIN XDR3 is designed for operator safety, Michelin says, with its tread pattern providing excellent load distribution across the contact patch. This also lowers contact pressure, improves wear and increases tyre life by a minimum of 8%, according to the company.

In addition, interlocking blocks of rubber on the shoulder help reduce wear. As previously stated, the XDR3 is MEMS-ready to capture and transmit temperature and pressure information in real time. The MEMS patch is also compatible with tyre additives and is RFID equipped.

With 10% stronger corrosion-proof cables incorporated into the tyre architecture, the tyre provides a significant upgrade in situations where this equipment is operated for up to 23 h/d in extreme terrain, the company said.

Michelin goes up a size with XDR 3 surface mine haul truck tyre

After six years of development and testing, Michelin North America, has introduced the MICHELIN® XDR® 3 surface mine haul tyre in size 27.00R49.

Addressing the productivity and endurance issues found in today’s surface mines, the XDR3 – developed for a range of rigid dump trucks with payload capacity up to 400 tons (363 t) – is designed with new compounds and a revolutionary new tread pattern that helps provide exceptional tyre life, the company said.

“The use of corrosion-isolating cables in the tyre architecture is a significant upgrade in situations where this equipment is always moving as it is operated for up to 23 h/d in extreme terrain,” the company added.

These innovations allow customers to select the benefit that best fits their needs, according to the company. Customers can choose not to increase speed or load and expect a 10% increase in tyre life. Or, customers could choose either to increase speed by 10% or increase load by 10% and achieve the same tyre life as the previous generation. “This flexibility allows Michelin to better support customer needs and goals,” the company said.

Jake Thompson, Michelin North America’s B2B Mining Marketing Manager, said: “Michelin’s most popular tyre has been tested on multiple truck brands and is designed for punishing environments where the goal is safety and performance.

“Michelin responds to customer needs by providing long-lasting, innovative products that solve their most demanding business challenges in the specific environments where they operate.”

The MICHELIN XDR3 is designed for operator safety: the tread pattern provides excellent load distribution across the contact patch, lowers contact pressure and reduces wear rate, according to the company. In addition, the tread pattern is designed for better endurance, thanks to “revolutionary heat dissipation”. This helps prevent tyre overheating, which can result in failure and, in turn, jeopardize operator safety.

“The XDR3 is MEMS-ready and helps reduce rim slip through a new flat-bead wire, which is designed to strengthen the clamping force on the wheel and increase its contact surface with the rim,” the company said.

Michelin tackles underground mining tyre life with new line

Michelin North America says its new series of underground mining tyres for loaders and transport machines will help increase load capacity, and improve tyre life and “aggression resistance”.

The MICHELIN® X Mine® D2 Pro and the XSM® D2+ Pro Line are designed specifically for harsh, underground conditions where sharp rocks, standing water and narrow tunnels are common.

Jake Thompson, Michelin Marketing Manager – Mining, said: “Underground mining managers demand products that reduce downtime while keeping their operators safe. They do not want underground equipment to stop working due to tyre limitations.

“The Pro Line is specifically designed to address the tough conditions found in underground mines and reduce downtime.”

The MICHELIN X Mine Pro series has an increased load capacity of up to 18% compared with MICHELIN XSM D2+ and MICHELIN X MINE® D2 tyres engineered into the L5 tyre through a reinforced “three-star casing” and two extra plies containing crossed-nylon cords encased in rubber for greater resistance and toughness.

To improve tyre life, Michelin has incorporated NRF technology to reinforce the sidewalls and resist sidewall injuries from migrating. The subsequent improved tyre life could lead to the purchase of fewer tyres and increased mine profitability, Michelin says.

Improved “aggression resistance” in the MICHELIN X Mine Pro series is made possible through significant improvements to the cables and tread compounds. The encapsulated cables, found in the working plies, provide better protection against aggressions and oxidation. The tyre also contains optimised tread compounds.

The MICHELIN X Mine D2 Pro tyre is available in the United States and Canada in 17.5R25, 18.00R25, 20.5R25, 23.5R25, 26.5R25, 29.5R25, and 29.5R29 sizes. The XSM D2+ Pro is available in 17.5R25, 18.00R25, 26.5R25, and 29.5R29 sizes.