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Micromine opens access to advanced cloud-native data management platform

Micromine has announced that the full versions of its advanced cloud-native data management platform, Micromine Nexus, is now available at no cost to all Micromine customers.

This strategic decision underscores Micromine’s commitment to driving the next generation of mining efficiency by providing unfettered access to advanced data management tools, thereby empowering mining teams to achieve superior outcomes through enhanced collaboration and data integration across the exploration and mining value chain, it said.

“Mining data is not just information; it’s a critical asset that drives the success of exploration and mining operations,” Kiril Alampieski, Micromine’s Product Strategy Manager – Platform, said. “By including Micromine Nexus as a value-added offering for all Micromine clients, we are ensuring that every customer has access to the tools they need to manage their data effectively and efficiently.

“This move sets a new industry standard for data accessibility and reliability, underscoring our commitment to the industry and to making reliable, accessible data management a standard, not a luxury.”

Micromine says it is committed to partnering with industry to deliver the next mining efficiency revolution by connecting teams, technology, and data to enable improved outcomes through informed, timely decision making.

“By offering Micromine Nexus at no cost, the company is making a bold statement: reliable, accessible and efficient data management, and collaboration should be standard industry practice.”

Micromine introduces cloud-based AI capabilities to software suite

Micromine has revealed its 2024 release, saying the update comes with new features and enhancements across the company’s entire product suite, further underscoring its mission to deliver state-of-the-art technology to reshape the industry.

Kiril Alampieski, Micromine’s Chief Strategy and Product Officer, said: “Addressing the ever-evolving needs and requirements of our clients is the driving force behind our relentless focus on innovation to ensure the industry can achieve more by integrating technology within the client operational workflows and reducing data errors and productivity bottlenecks.”

Powered by the company’s cloud-native data sharing and collaboration tool, Micromine Nexus, the 2024 release introduced two significant features: Micromine Origin Copilot and Micromine Geobank Panorama, enhancing the company’s exploration solutions.

Alampieski said: “The ground-breaking feature, Micromine Origin Copilot, is poised to revolutionise geological and resource modelling. The cloud-based AI companion can process data categorised or quantified and employs advanced machine-learning techniques to craft thorough and robust models autonomously.

“Micromine Origin Copilot plays the role of a skilled ally, offering a supplementary perspective to support and authenticate conventional resource estimation methods, thereby empowering geologists with greater confidence and peace of mind in their models. This AI journey begins with grade modelling and will be implemented to other features throughout Micromine Origin and the wider Micromine ecosystem.”

Micromine Geobank’s Panorama feature also benefits from AI and cloud-computing assistance, able to automate the labour-intensive task of creating a seamless down-hole image from drill core imagery, the company says.

The company’s three mine planning solutions received updates for the 2024 release.

Micromine Alastri, the company says, expands on its industry-leading battery-electric haulage modelling capabilities. The functionality allows mine planners to analyse, validate and implement robust decarbonisation strategies that describe what the mine of the future looks like in practice.

Micromine Spry evolved with a broader set of tools and industry-leading visualisation to tackle the demands of modern coal and soft-rock mine planning head-on. The updates are designed to provide a better understanding of mine data and more straightforward methods to communicate results.

Micromine Beyond improves strategic scheduling with new pit optimisation and materials management capabilities. The new functionality builds more confidence and certainty when developing life-of-mine plans.

Alampieski said: “Micromine’s mine planning and scheduling tools are engineered to meet the needs of mine planners at each planning horizon and primary mining method. The 2024 release is future-focused, delivering precise and dependable outcomes for today’s mine planners.”

Lastly, Micromine’s mine production, control and fleet management solution, Micromine Pitram, adds significant improvements, making it easier to track shift progress and gain valuable insights, as well as reducing time spent on data extraction and manipulation.