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Minetek launches dedicated division for integrated electrical, power solutions

Minetek has announced the inauguration of Minetek Power, a dedicated division committed to delivering integrated electrical and power solutions to the mining industry.

The establishment of the division is a response to market feedback that highlighted prolonged wait times for sub-par electrical solutions suffering from quality and longevity issues, often failing to meet site requirements and expectations, Minetek says.

“Recognising the pressing need for a reliable and efficient power supplier, Minetek Power fills this void by offering quick turnaround times, often months faster than industry-standard lead times,” the company said.

Focusing on high-quality products engineered by in-house design, engineering and manufacturing teams, Minetek Power aspires to provide a premium customer experience supported by a dedicated team that facilitates site installation and commissioning. it offers a complete and tailored end-to-end solution, the company says.

It also builds on Minetek’s track record in providing complex power solutions to industrial and mining operations as part of Minetek Air and Water projects.

Minetek Power’s product portfolio encompasses a wide range of power solutions, including:

  • Substations  – the ultimate electrical solution for controlling and managing critical power generation, transmission and distribution systems at mines;
  • Switchrooms – designed to house critical electrical infrastructure in industrial settings, providing air conditioning for optimum equipment life and operator comfort;
  • Fan starters – specifically designed for harsh underground mining and tunnelling environments, providing safe, reliable protection and control of ventilation operations;
  • Pump starters – enabling reliable and efficient pump operations in various industrial settings, including underground mining;
  • Electrical switchboards – safely receiving primary power supplies and feeding downstream applications, featuring a modular design and high ingress protection;
  • Distribution boards – configurable for various high and low-voltage infrastructure applications, available in standalone, skid, or frame-mounted options; and
  • Mining drill starters – motor control and electrical protection for heavy drilling equipment in challenging underground settings.