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EcoHoist and Mining One to collaborate on deployment of low-capex hoisting solution

Mining One and EcoHoist have executed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to, they say, collaborate on the deployment of low-capex hoisting solutions for Mining One’s clients.

The collaboration will combine the EcoHoist vertical material transport solution with Mining One’s technical expertise in underground mining.

Mining One is a leader in the mining industry and is poised to become the first Accredited EcoHoist Consultant, the companies say. The design of a successful EcoHoist project requires consideration of many technical factors, including the shape and size of the orebody, geotechnical conditions, mine and plant layout, as well as practical operational considerations. Mining One’s deep technical expertise and quality experience across these factors position them well to successfully deploy EcoHoist’s low-cost hoisting equipment.

The EcoHoist aims to improve on traditional vertical hoisting systems by substantially reducing the size of the required mine shafts. This reduction in mine shaft size leads to a reduction in capital cost and construction time compared with skip hoist systems. The EcoHoist operates on electricity and provides the opportunity for mines using conventional diesel-powered load and haul fleets to simultaneously cut production costs and decarbonise. As mines go deeper underground, and as external pressures to decarbonise mining operations increase, the EcoHoist is a compelling solution.

Gary Davision, Director and Principal Mining Engineer at Mining One, said: “Ensuring safe and efficient haulage underground is becoming increasingly challenging. Our industry must explore lateral thinking approaches that can lead to substantial improvements in haulage efficiency. Mining One is delighted to be involved in the collaboration and validation of EcoHoist’s technology, and we take pride in contributing to the development of the significant advantages it may bring.”

Matthew Forrest, Managing Director of EcoHoist, said: “In order to successfully decarbonise and cut operational costs for our customers, our EcoHoist equipment needs to be seamlessly integrated into our customers’ mines. Working with Mining One gives both us and our customers confidence that this will be achieved.”