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GR Engineering’s Mipac to complete Stage 2 work on Kyshtym copper electrolytic plant in Russia

GR Engineering Services’ wholly owned subsidiary, Mipac Pty Ltd, has received engineering and procurement orders from MESCO Inc to complete Stage 2 work on the Kyshtym copper electrolytic plant in the Chelyabinsk region of the Russian Federation.

As part of the work, Mipac will supply in-house developed specialised monitoring technology and software solutions.

MESCO is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Mipac team has previously worked with MESCO on the project. All of the work, which will start immediately, will be performed remotely with personnel only travelling to site for commissioning and start-up, GR Engineering said.

As part of a 2017-2018 modernisation project, the Kyshtym plant’s production capacity increased to 140,000 t/y of copper cathodes and 140,000 t/y of copper rods, Russian Copper Company says.

This is a key contract award for the Mipac team and will contribute approximately 35% of Mipac’s forecast revenue for financial year 2022, it added.

GR Engineering’s Managing Director, Geoff Jones, said: “Mipac is a highly regarded controls systems and operations technology engineer and its business has been successfully integrated across the wider GR Engineering group post acquisition. We are pleased that Mipac will work collaboratively with MESCO on another important project.”

GR Engineering acquired Mipac, a leading global provider of control systems engineering, automation and technology services, earlier this year.