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Mobile Mark connects up with the mining industry

Wi-Fi, cellular and GPS antennas play a vital role in bringing wireless coverage to the remote areas of mines both above and below ground.

With operations taking place in difficult and remote environments, a reliable and effective communication system is an essential requirement to ensure safety and allow uninterrupted communication during routine mining processes.

Why is wireless required in mines?

Mining work can often take place hundreds of metres below surface so, when disasters occur, the ability to communicate with trapped miners is crucial. For this and other reasons, a rugged communication system that can operate through multiple layers of rock and earth is required.

Durable dependability
Wireless communication involves transmission of various types of data. A wireless system of communication is indispensable in mines as wired systems are often unable to withstand disasters. Wired systems fail when connectivity is a must: for instance, in case of a roof fall, fire outbreak, explosion, power or battery failure.

The modern wireless technology provides the perfect solution to this problem because wireless solutions:

  • Are reliable;
  • Reach inaccessible areas;
  • Work during crisis situations;
  • Work over long distances;
  • Increase productivity;
  • Reduce operational costs, and;
  • Can be installed at a low cost.

From exploration to extraction delivery, wireless technology has become an integral part of the process to improve productivity, reduce costs and enhance safety.

Applications range from voice and data communications to fleet management and remote video surveillance. Wireless system designers serving the mining sector are called upon to build networks that offer continuous and balanced coverage.

Mobile Mark is a leader in the innovation of Wi-Fi, cellular and GPS antennas in the mining industry, according to the company.

Its specialised product lines include:
– Exploration;
– Infrastructure;
– Underground wireless and asset tracking;
– Vehicle control and fleet tracking, and;
– Remote monitoring and video surveillance.