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acQuire expands ESG management services with MTS addition

acQuire Technology Solutions says it has completed the acquisition of MTS, a South Africa-based company that specialises in people-centred technology and advisory services to help resource companies meet obligations that cover their social licence to operate.

Insite becomes the third product in acQuire’s suite of information management tools for the natural resources industries. The software-as-a-service solution enables users to streamline collection, validation and management of social sustainability data, according to acQuire. Insite’s reporting capabilities on social performance are as reliable as the reporting from accounting systems.

Alison Atkins, acQuire’s CEO, welcomed the acquisition of MTS as part of a broader growth strategy for the company.

“MTS is an excellent fit for us and our purpose of solving data management challenges with robust software solutions,” she said. “We look forward to growing its excellent product and reputation under our ownership.”

This latest acquisition sees acQuire expand further into ESG management, which has become one of the most important topics in the global natural resources industry. Companies are under scrutiny to meet ESG obligations and are increasingly held to account by regulators, investors and the public.

Being able to measure and track progress helps companies manage their efforts toward social sustainability and sustainable development, acQuire says. Insite gives them a way to prove the impact they are having on the communities where they operate, both positive and negative. It allows for full and transparent reporting to all stakeholders including employees, clients and suppliers, the company added.

“Our success as a global provider of information management solutions, plus being backed by Vela Software, means we can leverage shared services, expertise and partnerships to extend the Insite product into new areas,” Atkins said.

“We see fresh opportunities to deliver social performance technology to more companies across Africa so businesses can future-proof their operations by harnessing the growth potential of their communities, workplaces and supply chains, and make data-led decisions.”

Insite manages and optimises regulatory compliance requirements and processes relating to the implementation and reporting of Social and Labour Plans, Mining Charters, the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment program, Employment Equity and Annual Training Reports for Workplace Skills Plans, mainly for mining companies in South Africa.

Maritha Erasmus, CEO and Founder of MTS, believes the acquisition by acQuire will provide greater opportunities to advance socio-economic inclusion. Both she and Phil Marneweck, CTO and co-founder of MTS, are eager to join the acQuire team.

“A delicate balance is required to create positive and sustainable social impact while mitigating business and environmental risks,” Erasmus said.

“The acquisition by acQuire is a chance to join a like-minded, values-based company. We look forward to expanding on the important work we started at MTS and the social impact we can make using technology.”

acQuire has been operating in Europe, the Middle East and Africa through its South African office since 2008. The MTS addition provides an extra decade of mining industry experience for the region to that office, it said.

SRK and MTS to provide data-backed insights to mining customers

SRK Consulting has announced a new partnership with Mine Tech Services (UK) Limited (MTS), a leading specialist in mining technology.

MTS is a team of world-class experts that provides consulting, training and specialised software development for continuous improvement in mining operations and asset health, SRK says. Its mission is to help clients better use their fleet management systems, turn their data into actionable information, deliver new insights and effectively manage what matters.

By joining forces, SRK says it and MTS will provide clients with unparalleled insights into their data, allowing them to radically improve the efficiency of their mining operations. This includes helping mines to:

  • Understand the root causes of inefficiencies through collecting and analysing data – then provide practical recommendations and supporting tools to enable the mine site team to implement solutions;
  • Review the effectiveness of operational policies, such as shift changes, as well as road design and management protocols, and then help mine sites develop more refined solutions;
  • Reduce fuel burn and CO2 emissions through highlighting underperforming trucks, high consumption road segments and operator performance inconsistencies;
  • Measure the effectiveness of mine-to-mill programs by monitoring the transportation of ore from the face through to the mill, as well as the impact of blasting on digging efficiency; and
  • Have confidence to forecast productivity improvements through modelling of opportunities.

SRK says it has a proud tradition of investing in emerging technologies.

Accordingly, SRK has co-invested in the development of Haul Road Explorer (HRE), a data visualisation software that leverages existing hardware and systems. A powerful feature of HRE is its ability to record the on-board health and link this to the geographic location as this can be used to show safety regulators that the proposed policies are robust, the company says. Another distinctive feature of HRE is its ability to merge data from multiple complementary sources to enable rapid, repeatable and more detailed diagnostics. The software processes vast volumes of data and presents it simply and clearly, giving decision makers the information they need to act swiftly and effectively.

Past SRK technology initiatives include forming Gemcom (now part of Geovia GEMS) and co-investing in Leapfrog to develop implicit modelling techniques. More recent initiatives include development of EasyMine to expedite field logging, EasyMineXR for collecting and visualising geological data, and several software programs for open pit berm-bench design and mine ventilation modelling.